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Monday, March 7, 2011

Books For Thought: How was blogging introduced into your lives?

Previously known as Monday's Question of the Day, Books For Thought is a Monday feature where I post a book-related question up for discussion. I am open to all opinions and enjoy reading diverse comments from my lovely followers. I look forward to picking your minds!

Have a question idea? Share it here and I'll give you credit.

How was blogging introduced into your lives? Even to those who don't blog, how did you start following them?

My Response: Let's see, I started reading YA three years ago when my friend Jessica introduced me to Twilight. After that, it was love at first sight and I haven't looked back since. I would mostly go on Amazon for book recommendations and one day I stumbled upon Karin's Book Nook. There, I found a great site where I had the chance to be introduced to new reads. As time went on, I slowly fell into this magical world of book blogging. I then decided, why not start my own? I already read so why not share it with others. I don't have many friends that consider reading fun so it was a dream to find people like you all who share my same passion. So thank you Karin for shining light on this great community and to everyone who continually visit my blog with love. xoxo

What are your bookish thoughts?


Kathy Martin said...

I began blogging as a class project in a class to learn Web 2.0 tools. After the class my blog languished until I decided to focus on book blogging. Now, I don't know how I survived BB - before blogging.

ChickLitGirl said...

I used to read Meg Cabot's blog very regularly and she always posted quirky links to her books' reviews posted by other book bloggers. From there I discovered, Green Bean Teen Queen {}and the wonderful world of book blogging. Then one day, GBTQ had a giveaway, and only followers could enter! Plus one of my best friends was really into funny, personal blogs and made one, and then I decided, it was time for me to step in too.
So I joined blogspot, entered the giveaway and its been almost a year now, and I'm loving it :D

Fiktshun said...

I started reading YA for the exact same reason. My friend Nic forced me to read Twilight.

I loved reading author blogs but until I started reading YA I didn't really enjoy book blogs. The YA blogs are so much more colorful and interesting and more informative.

It took me awhile to start my own and actually commit to it, but the book blogger community is so awesome I'm glad I did.

This blog was actually the 2nd blog I heard of!

Jill said...

While on Facebook I found out about Barnes and Nobles First Look Book Clubs where you could sign up to read an ARC of an upcoming release and participate in online discussions. Since I had stopped being able to be in a book club when my husband switched to the night shift I tried that and liked it. Lots of readers had blog addresses in their signature and I checked a few out and decided to give it a try myself.

Don't Sleep, Read said...

I like this question! Sharing is one of the best parts of reading and I love this community. Thanks for hosting. Here's my answer:

the Vintage Bookworm said...

Great question! And I am VERY glad you found her website and started blogging. :) Your blog is one of the ones I HAVE to check every day when I get online.

Here is mine.

Kristen said...

Oh it all started when I got a job at 19 at the public library. I worked with this awesome girl named Lindsay who got me into YA, manga, and Goodreads. We spent most of our shift talking about books, putting books on hold and drooling over upcoming new releases. We also saw the first Twilight movie together.

So, on Goodreads they created groups.. and I joined an awesome group called Wild Things YA. There some people were talking about their blogs (two summers ago) and I was like, hey, I have time this summer - I'm totally starting a book blog! I had no clue there was so many blogs out there and how huge it all was. So, let's just say I keep falling in love with it over and over again.

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