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Review/Promoting Policy


Review Policy: If any Young Adult author, publicist or publisher wants me to review their book, I could be contacted at I accept Young Adult Advanced Reader's Copies and Finished Copies, however I do NOT review E-Books unless, they are Kindle friendly.

Self-published authors, I love you, I really do. However, due to my busy reading schedule I won't be accepting any self-published books until further notice.

NOTE: All books will be reviewed in a timely manner, however it could take up to 1-2 months depending on how backed up I am. Also, if you send a book and it never gets a review, please understand that it might not have been my cup of tea. I will be glad to forward it to another reliable reviewer or give it away.

Promoting Policy: I always add my reviews on and You could also contact me if you're interested in being featured with an interview, guest post or giveaway at

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