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Monday, October 24, 2011

Books For Thought: What Book Would You Recommend To A Non-Reader?

Previously known as Monday's Question of the Day, Books For Thought is a feature where I post a book-related question up for discussion. I am open to all opinions and enjoy reading diverse comments from my lovely followers. I look forward to picking your minds!

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What Book Would You Recommend To A Non-Reader?

My Response: Hm, this one is a toughie Holly! From my experience I've given non-readers a few books that made them start reading. I've given out: Twilight, The Hunger Games and Before I Fall. So far, all of them have successfully made non-readers want to pick up more books in this genre. In the future though I would still recommend non-readers to read The Hunger Games. It's a classic story that'll never lose its dystopian originality.

Question credit goes to: Holly from Good Golly Miss Holly

What are your bookish thoughts?


Stephanie said...

I recently recommended Stolen by Lucy Christopher to an adult non reader and she loved it.

The Library Owl said...

I agree with Twilight. My sister was an adamant non-reader until I lent her my copy of Twilight. Okay so she may not be the most avid reader now but she now reads more that one book a year now!

Shae Carcar said...

Yeah twilight all the way. Twilight is actually what got me into reading, my friend suggested it (more like forced me). I saw the size of those twilight books and I automatically said no. But she's very persistent. She forced me to watch the movie and if i liked it then I needed to read the book because it's better than the movie. I saw the movie, loved it! And the next day I got the book. I've been a reader ever since!

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Twilight! I know quite a few non-readers and that's pretty much the only book they will read! They're just not interested in anything else! I guess non-readers will be more interested in reading a book that's been made into a movie.

Lisa Mandina said...

Depends on your age group. I have found the books you've listed to be great for this. Something I recently found that is also good for reluctant readers of a middle school age is a couple series by Patrick Carman, the Skeleton Creek and the 3:15 series. Both include online things to do along with reading. I suggested them to a special ed teacher at my school, and her kids are loving them, eating them up!

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

Wow, I feel like i only just submitted the question. Awesome that it's featured already :)

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