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Monday, September 12, 2011

Emma Michaels Introduces The Writers Voice!

The Writers Voice
Where you get to know the people behind the pages

This is Emma Michaels, the author of 'The Thirteenth Chime' and I am taking over! Don’t worry, it is only for one post. To introduce you to a team of amazing authors and our new blog called, ‘The Writers Voice’. A blog run by 12 authors and dedicated to letting you get to know each of us and the authors we feature!

Did you always know you would write a novel?

Why did you finally decide to write one and when?

“No and if you would have told me 10 years ago I’d have published three young adult novels in my late thirties, I would have laughed my butt off.”
“After my son’s autism diagnosis, life stood still. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and crushed. Once his little brother was born and therapy began (at 35-40 hrs a week), I craved a meaningful escape. The vampire craze had hit and I wondered what my story would be about. The plot came together during the wee hours of the morning while I nursed. My characters got me up in the morning. Writing was my saving grace and kept me from the pits of depression.”
-Brenda Pandos

Photobucket “No, not really. I’ve been in love with writing since I was 8, but about my late teens/early 20s, I decided I just didn’t have a novel in me. I focused on business writing and marketing communications until my mid-30s. After years of reading mostly non-fiction for business and college, I finally was able to dive back into fiction and my fave genre, contemp fantasy/paranormal. After finishing several, I decided I wanted to write fiction again. As soon as I made that decision, a full novel (and then series) came to me. I’ve never looked back.” -Kristie Cook

Photobucket“This may sound like a strange answer, but I was too busy daydreaming to think of becoming a writer. In December of 2009 a daydream became too big for me to let it slip away. I had to write it down. I had to know what was going to happen next. That was the day I decided in the most uncommitted fashion that I was going to write a novel. Months went by before I confessed to any of my friends that I had been writing in my free time. I knew that they would see this as one of the most random out of character acts for me to be doing (I was really good at hiding my out-of – control habit of constantly daydreaming!).” -Jamie Magee

Photobucket“I penned my first “novel” with my best friend at the age of 14. I always loved writing but there were always other things in the way, you know, life! But when things slowed down after I had my first kid ( slowed down, ha! Wrong word I guess!) I picked it back up and couldn’t stop!”
-Keary Taylor

Photobucket“It has always been a dream of mine to write a novel. It was about three years ago, when I came up with the idea for The Fallen Star, that I finally decided it was time to give my dream a try.”
-Jessica Sorensen

Photobucket “When I was younger, I’d always wanted to write a novel. I’d started a fair amount from elementary on up. It wasn’t until my husband joined the Air Force that I was able to start—and finish—a novel. At the time, writing became a sanity saver that’s been there for me ever since. So, while I knew I could write a novel, theoretically, it wasn’t until I actually did that I knew I could write a complete novel. This all happened about five years ago.”
-Danyelle Leafty

“Though I've always been creative, mostly in painting watercolors, I did not think I would be a writer. It was actually a vision of my story I had while sitting in a movie theater watching a flick. I only saw the first scene of my story, probably half a page of writing. When I started writing the story, it just started flowing to me.” -Victoria Simcox

Photobucket“I began writing fiction when I was seven and since then most of my free time centered around writing. In the late 1990s, a few of my short stories were published by national magazines. I didn’t become serious about publishing a novel until 2008. I’d like to think all of the writing in the years before was practice for my writing life today.”
-Megg Jensen

“I've been writing ever since I remember. First it was short stories and poems, then I moved on to song lyrics. By the age of eighteen, I had read most classics like Kafka and was a huge Tolkien and Anne Rice fan. After reading the Vampire Chronicles I knew I had to write a book, and a month later I finished the first draft. Needless to say it was bad, but it shaped my future way in that I knew I had found my passion in life and would be a writer one day, no matter what.”
-Jayde Scott

Photobucket“I didn’t know that I would eventually write a novel. I always wanted to write one, but I never felt that I could. I was insecure about my writing abilities, and at the beginning I didn’t think I could do it. But being a very ambitious person, I had succeeded in my professional career as a 3D Animation Supervisor, and the only challenge I had left—was to write a novel. So, about four yours ago, I wrote my first book, Underground, and I attempted to have it published traditionally—but after loads of rejections, I put it away and started something else. I wasn’t about to give up.”
-Kim Richardson

Photobucket“No. I had my mind set on not writing a novel, which for me, took more effort than writing ten. I couldn’t stand being without a notebook for even a few minutes but always thought that writing was a ‘pipe dream’ so I tried my hardest to fight it. Then I decided I wanted to be a surgeon and found out I wasn’t able to be. Next I wanted to be a lawyer and realized you also sometimes stick up for people who are guilty. Then a scientist, an AI specialist and even a stock broker. Finally, my fiancĂ© asked me what I secretly wanted to be when I “grow up” and I admitted the truth. He had noticed by that point that I had more notebooks than a Barnes &Noble shelf and refused to write more than 16 pages on one plot line or character so he told me “go for it”. I explained why I hadn’t and he told me why I should. He said the least I could do was try and once I got past the limitations I had set on myself it felt like my heart was soaring across the pages.”
-Emma Michaels
“I always knew I would write in some capacity, for my career or in my personal life. I wrote short stories when I was younger and had a million different ideas for novels, but they were all half-finished. It wasn’t until I was struck by lightning in the classical literature lecture that I determinedly sat down and began writing. I was ecstatic when I finished the first novel and immediately began on the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth… you get my meaning. It’s become an addiction”
-Samantha Young

Oh yeah, did I mention we have amazing guest authors? Here is a sneak peak of a few of the interviews we have planned for the future:

“I had dreams of writing a novel for as long as I can remember, but had never gotten close before I started high school, when my family got its first desktop computer. Handwriting a novel had never worked for me. I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with my brain, and I would get frustrated and give up quickly. Being able to type, edit, and see the words on the screen changed everything.”
-Inara Scott

Photobucket“I never once considered being a writer until the day I finished the Twilight Saga. I had just left my job and was taking a short break to take a step back and have a good look at my life, at my career. During that time, I discovered Twilight. I became so attached to those characters, I felt as though all my best friends had moved away when it ended. I told my husband that I would just have to write my own story and make up all new friends. I knew by doing that, it wouldn’t have to end until I said so. I think we both thought I was joking until an idea came to me for a plot. It was about vampires, but otherwise shared absolutely nothing with Twilight. I woke up early the next morning and turned on the computer. As soon as I typed those first few words, I was hooked! It just started to flow. I emoted for several hours, to the tune of about 5,000 words. By that point, I was obsessed! I typed on and off throughout the day and far into the night. Exactly fourteen days after I’d typed that first word, I typed the last of a 105,000-word manuscript. That was the turning point for me. Although I did go back to work after that, the urge to write full time never left me. That was in late June of 2009. At the end of November 2010, I quit my job to dedicate myself to becoming a writer and I made my first publication to Amazon on January 31, 2011. Since then, I’ve never looked back and don’t ever plan to.”
-M. Leighton

“I decided in high school that one day I would write a book. It was on my bucket list. When it came down to it, I had all of these bits and pieces of stories in my head and one central image kept coming back to me. That’s when I decided to get serious about it and try to write something. Then it took me three years to finish a first draft.”
-Rhiannon Paille

Photobucket“No, because I started out writing poetry as a child. My sister and I decided in 2009 that since we had read, and critiqued so many books that we might as well write one of our own, and thus, the Blood and Magick series was born.”
-Morrigan Michele

Okay, as the ‘engineer’ of The Writers Voice I have the upper hand, I get to read everyone else’s answers before I write out my own. Which might currently be making me feel under achieved and very young but it also shows me just how diverse we really are and how inspirational we could be. The Writers Voice is about more than us, it is about everything reading can bring to each individual person’s life, the people who create these novels and all authors out there with their own stories and voices to share. I hope you will join us at The Writers Voice and hear more from our team and amazing guest authors!

“The Writers Voice: Where you get to know the people behind the pages”


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Emma Michaels said...

Thank you Eleni for hosting us!

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Thank you for hosting us, Eleni! :)

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