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Saturday, February 19, 2011

IN MY MAILBOX (Feb. 19, 2011) + Giveaway Winners!

Credit goes to: Kristi from The Story Siren for 'In My Mailbox' / Inspired by Alea from Pop Culture Junkie

For Review:
-Father of Lies by Ann Turner
-Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn
-The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1) by Kelley Armstrong
-Moonglass by Jessi Kirby
-The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder
-Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia, #2) by Joy Preble

Special Thanks To: Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Scourcebooks Fire.

Books Bought:
-Doppelganger by David Stahler Jr.

Other Goodies:

-ABC Family sure knows how to grab our hearts on Valentine's Day! I love the promotions for the Pretty Little Liars TV show....especially when it contains chocolate. :P Thank you ABC Family, you rock!

I'd love to hear what you got, so leave a comment! :)


Giveaway Winners:

Winner of Pink...

Winner of Entice...

Winner of Delirium + Across The Universe...

Congrats winners!


Jill said...

Haunted looks good. I just read the first book in the series last month and added Haunted to my TBR list afterwards. Congratulations winners!

Elodie said...

Congrats to the winners !! You're so lucky !!
Awesome mailbox Eleni !! I want them all and I really can't wait to know what you thought of them !! I'm so jealous, these chocolates seem so appetizing (besides it's from -A so I'm enven more jealous!!) !! Enjoy ;)

geekyreads said...

Father of Lies looks really good - it's on my TBR list. I love anything related to the Salem Witch Trials. I'll be looking forward to your review.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Ahh, The Day Before! Can't wait for your reviews on these~ And those chocolates are so cuttte, were they yummy? :3

Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore said...

Great Haul this week. The Gathering looks amazing and so beautiful. I see a couple other new books that would great on my bookshelf.

I'll be posting my IMM Vlog soon and would love it if you stopped by and left a lovely comment.

Happy reading.

basma aal said...

Thank you...I felt so luck

Fiktshun said...

Can't wait to read The Gathering and Haunted, but they all look good!

BooksforCompany said...

Great books!!
I love the cover to haunted.
Enjoy them =)

Claire said...

Voices of Dragons and Father of Lies look really good! And I so need to read my copy of The Gathering already! lol Great haul! Happy reading :)

A. Knight said...

So lucky, Eleni! I want, like, all of those books! And congrats to all the winners!

Asher K. (Paranormal Indulgence)

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Awesome mailbox!!! I love the cover of Moonglass!

BrittLit said...

Great books this week. Doppelganger looks very interesting. Happy Reading!

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. Doppleganger looks quite interesting. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

A Simple Love of Reading said...

Great haul! I cannot wait to read The Gathering! The rest are pretty much all on my wishlist too! :)

the Vintage Bookworm said...

Ooh, I just added a few of these to my tbr/wish list on Goodreads. :) Some I already had, but not all.

Great week this week! So jealous!

Little Miss Becky : ) said...

Book-related chocolate..I don't think it gets any better than that! Drooling over your copy of The Gathering!! I can't wait for this series to come out!

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Awesome mailbox! I can't wait to read The Day Before! I just bought Doppelganger too! The Vampire Diaries actually first got me interested in the concept of a doppelganger, so I was really excited to find a book about it -- there don't seem to be many out there. Can't wait to see what you think!

The Well Read Wife said...

Doppelganger looks great! I'm definitely going to get that one!
Also, those chocolates from ABC Family are fabulous!

Alex Bennett (Electrifying Reviews) said...

You got some awesome books this week! Jealous! :c:

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