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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

Question: Did you ever call out of work or miss a day of school because you were so invested in a book?

My Answer: *Looks down in shame* Sadly, yes. When I started reading Twilight, I was so wrapped up in the story, I took off from work just to finish it. I couldn't bear leaving the house without knowing what was going to happen. I know I'm a bad girl, but hey sometimes you can't ignore the temptation of certain books. :)

I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment :)
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Juju at Tales of said...

Me too! I spent four days in bed with Twilight. Two were work days I skipped ;)

Savannah said...

Well, I never missed work to finish a book but I continue to read at meetings. I sit in the very back, with the book under the desk. I look up periodically to see what happening. LOL :)

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I can't say that I ever missed work, but I have gone to bed wayyy past by bedtime and paid for it later.

If I'm truly engrossed in a story (which happened with Twilight and recently happened again w/ some Julia Quinn books) then I'll read at the red lights on my way to work, read if I get "oh so conveniently" stopped by the train, DEFINITELY read during lunch and well, any other chance that I get, LOL!

I'm starting to think I might have a problem...but the first step is admitting you're in denial and I'm not there yet ;o) LOL


Cameron Armstrong said...

lol no but i wanted to skip class to continue reading

LunaMoth said...

no, i have not but i have woken up at 4am to continue reading a book (i cant remember what book it was, i think Rhapsody)
i skipped enough school without having an excuse lol!

Cheryl said...

No I haven't, but I read during every waking hour that I am able to when I am not working!

Lawral the Librarian said...

I don't know that I've ever missed work, but I've definitely ditched classes and chores and less than exciting social engagements. :)

AtenRa @ Just Another Book Blog said...

Hahaha great question!
Um no, I haven't missed work just because I was too wrapped up in a book.Although, I wish I had!
I have only cancelled plans with friends or haven't slept much in order to finish a book(and I think Twilight was one of these cases lol) but other than that, nothing major :)

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

LOL. Yes. But I work from home and make my own hours. There has been several times where I knew I needed to get work done but postponed it!!=)

The Book Vixen said...

I never missed work but I may or may not have read while at work *looks around*

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

I don't think I've ever missed work but I've definitely stayed up way too late reading.

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