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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tantalizing Future YA Releases!

  • Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia Book #1) by Diane Duane (DAW Hardcover, 8/3/10 - Not YA)
  • Intrinsical by Lani Woodland (Pendrell Publishing, 8/20/10)
  • Devastation by Gloria Skurzynski (Atheneum, 8/24/10)
  • Dust City by Robert Paul Weston (Razorbill, 9/30/10)
  • Jane by April Lindner (Poppy, 10/11/10)
  • Picture Perfect by D. Anne Love (McElderry, 10/12/10 - Paperback Version)
  • Shadow Walkers by Brent Hartinger (Flux, 2/1/11)
  • Kindred by Tammar Stein (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2/8/11)
Note: Covers might not be final. If changes occur I will notify my readers of the new versions.

*Blast From The Past*
(I'll be including a book from the past with this post. I want to feature books that are no longer heard of that still deserve a voice.)

The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 272

Summary: Aaron Corbet isn't a bad kid -- he's just a little different. On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Aaron dreams of a darkly violent landscape. He can hear the sounds of weapons clanging, the screams of the stricken, and another sound he cannot quite decipher. But gazing upward at the sky, he suddenly understands. It is the sound of great wings, angels' wings, beating the air unmercifully as hundreds of armored warriors descend on the battlefield. Orphaned since birth, Aaron is suddenly discovering newfound -- and sometimes supernatural -- talents. But it's not until he is approached by two men that he learns the truth about his destiny, and his role as a liaison between angels, mortals, and Powers both good and evil, some of whom are hell-bent on his destruction....

They recently re-printed the covers below:
Fallen 1
Fallen 2

Look very closely, it's our sexy vampire Paul Welsey (Stephen from Vampire Diaries) playing a Fallen angel in the ABC movie trailer for this book below! It should be out on DVD, so check it out!


Savannah said...

These are all very interesting books. I do love all the covers. So amazing how books covers are just getting better and better. My husband says the some of the books cover look better than some movie covers. LOL

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Oooh, lots of great books to check out. I haven't heard of most of these!

Kay (Dead Book Darling) said...

LOTS of new (to me) books on this list! Shall have to investigate... ♥

Mariam Maarouf said...

They all look great :)

Kris (Voracious YAppetite) said...

Seriously you and I need to stop posting all the new releases because my book lust quota IS STARTING TO OVERFLOW. Homigod, so many of these look so good. I like your new "Blast from the Past" section, too. (=

Allison said...

Love it when you post these, my GR wishlist thanks you :)

YA Book Lover said...

I received an ARC of Dust City and it sounds really good! I remember the ABC Family movie The Fallen. It was pretty darn good! I never knew it was a book though. Interesting. Lots of great choices!

Anonymous said...

These books look amazing! Thanks for the heads up =) I just read the first two books of The Fallen and loved them. Definitely worth a read.

MissAttitude said...

I agree with Kris. Eleni and Kris you need to stop posting these, my wishlist expands sooo much!

Jane sounds awesome as does Dust City. The cover of Vesper is so cool :) I'm adding Something Like Hope to my TBR wishlist.

Riv Re said...

Whenever I see "Tantalizing Future YA Releases" on my blog list, I get excited. I don't often find good books, but I like feasting my eyes on pretty covers. And The Fallen looks pretty good, too!

Anne Royce said...

Oooh...! Cool future releases! I already marked them as to-read. :3

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

This is my favorite feature of yours. Where do you find these awesome books? :) Added them all to my TBR list! Thanks!

Bere said...

I love these posts Eleni. Your picks are always fabulous and the covers are just amazing. I will be adding a few of these to my wish list. Have you read Fallen? I have it on my list but haven't really heard a lot on this one. Awesome post Eleni, thanks a lot. =)

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Kim: Thanks hun! A whole lot of researching online. I tend to google constantly and stalk author's websites hehe.

Bere: Thanks my darling, I'm glad you enjoy them! I haven't read Fallen yet, but it definitely is on my wishlist of books to buy.

Anonymous said...

I love the covers on these, the covers are amazing. The Fallen looks good too also, thanks for the great picks.

Little Miss Youngblood said...

Is it just me, or does the Kindred cover have the same person in the Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment cover?


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