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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Post + Giveaway: Susan Hubbard (The Season of Risks)

Today I'm featuring Susan Hubbard, author of the Ethical Vampire series. This guest post and giveaway is to celebrate her third installment, The Season of Risks. If you love vampires, you definitely should pick this series up! It's perfect for Young Adult and Adult lovers.

Susan Hubbard, born in upstate New York, is the author of seven books, including The Society of S, and The Year of Disappearances. Her new novel, The Season of Risks, will be published in 2010. Hubbard's short story collection, Blue Money, won the Janet Heidinger Kakfa Prize for best book of prose by an American woman published in 1999. Her first book, Walking on Ice, received the AWP Short Fiction Prize. Her fiction has appeared in several literary journals and has been translated and published in more than fifteen countries. Hubbard currently is a Professor of English at the University of Central Florida. She is an advocate for animal rights, social justice, academic etiquette, and literacy. Her hobbies include running, salvaging, and collecting items of questionable taste.

For more info on Susan, visit her site(s):
-Society of S MySpace
-The Year of Disappearances MySpace

Do you live in Florida and want to meet Susan in person?
Visit her at these events:

Thursday, July 15, 7:00 PM
Vero Beach Book Center
2145 Indian River Blvd.
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Friday, July 16, 6:00 PM
Muse Books
112 South Woodland Blvd.
Deland, FL 32720

The Season of Risks (Ethical Vampire, Book #3) by Susan Hubbard
Genre: Young Adult/Adult Fiction
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 320

Summary: The vampire sects are at war—and war among vampires is fought not with weapons, but with minds. My name is Ariella Montero, and I know a secret. Telling it will change everything. Half-human and half-vampire, Ari confronts the darker sides of vampirism, and herself, as the sects deploy new technologies to battle for influence and power. But beyond these challenges lie greater risks: Ari’s relationship with Neil Cameron, the first vampire to run for the U.S. presidency, must be kept under wraps from even those she trusts most. When scandal inevitably erupts, Ari is forced to face the consequences of her actions, learning the hard way that love demands delicate negotiations between memory and desire.

Now Available in Bookstores!

Book Trailer:


Want a chance to win a finished copy of
The Season of Risks? Look below for contest details:

-Two people will win a signed, U.S. finished copy edition of The Season of Risks.
-Also, one person will have the chance to win the Spanish edition of the first book, The Society of S as well! (Just make sure you specify in your comment if you want this edition instead.)
-Deadline ends on July 31, 2010.
-Susan Hubbard will decide who the winner is, she will pick the best response to the question below!

Note from Susan in response to the comments so far:

"GREAT responses so far! Thanks to all of you who've written in. I think we'll need to give away at least two copies--and by the way, another option is to win the Spanish edition of THE SOCIETY OF S, the first book in the series. Please keep the posts coming!"


TO ENTER LEAVE A COMMENT ANSWERING THIS QUESTION AND YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS: Should vampires have relationships with mortals, or stick to their "own kind"?

Guest Post:

1) First, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to feature you yet again on my blog. You've been a constant supporter throughout my blogging experience and I am happy to help you with anything you need. Now, on to your third Ethical Vampire installment, The Season of Risks. What inspired you to write this series and can you explain what it's about for those who have not read it yet?

SH: The character of Ariella Montero came to me in a dream about a girl trying to fathom how her parents met and got together. Home-schooled by her rather peculiar and extremely good-looking father, abandoned by her mother at birth, Ari also is trying to figure you who she is. Once she learns she is half-vampire, half-human, Ari is forced to find a place for herself within each culture. Her voice and internal conflicts have driven all three books, which trace an outsider's struggle for self-definition and acceptance.

2) Throughout the series, who has been your favorite character creation?

SH: Ari is my constant favorite, since her point of view is critical to all the books. She is sensitive and vulnerable, and has a rough time surviving the plots I put her into. But each book has a minor character that I've grown unexpectedly fond of: Mary Ellis Root in The Society of S, Walker in The Year of Disappearances, and the despicable Dr. Roche (with his three cloned wives) in The Season of Risks.

3) Between The Society of S and the second book, The Year of Disappearances, what makes the latest part of the series, The Season of Risks, different from the rest? Also, will this be the final installment or will it be continued?

SH: Ari is older in this book, and she's involved in her first serious romance. True to its title, The Season of Risks takes more chances--it's probably the most dramatic of the novels so far. It takes a hard look at American culture, politics, and social networking. Vampires control Internet social networks, collecting information about mortals to use for their own ends.

There may well be a fourth book in the series. I have more to say about Ari and her world. Stay tuned.

4) Being a University English teacher, what do your students think about your success as an author?

SH: They've been very sweet about it, generous with praise and endlessly curious about the publishing process, since they're writers themselves. Many of my students have been avid supporters of the books since the first one was published. Some have given me detailed feedback about the plots and characters, which I love to hear.

5) Finally, do you have anything to say to your current and future readers?

SH: Please keep the emails coming! It's great to hear opinions about the books and suggestions about the characters' futures. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, and I read and respond to every email. Check out the video for the new book at and come visit me at


Kaya said...

Fantastic interview. I like the idea of the book.

I don't think there is a straight answer to this question. The thing about vampire/human relationships is the 'forbidden love' element of it which everyone loves. Also, vampires were human once and usually have memories of being human, thus it'd be likely that they'd still remember what it was like to be human and could maintain a relationship with a human. If you stick with 'old' ideas of what it is to be a vampire, the human and vampire would never be able to go out in daylight together which is a hardship. Definitely, the hardships and contrasts in a relationship between a human and a vampire are exciting to read about. I haven't read many stories where the couple is made up of a vampire and vampire which shows that there is a gap in the market.

I think, for the sake of convenience, vampires should stick to their own kind. But for the sake of books, I would like human/vampire relationships.

My answer is yes, vampires should have relationships with mortals.

Vidisha said...

In my opinion...i think they should be free to fall for anyone they want to....mortals..

Mandarina said...

Well, I think the love is the most important in a relationship. If they are mortals or not a problem if you know that when you will be old, the vampire will be young...if this is not a problem for you, vampires and mortals can stay in love.

Yes, should have relationship with mortals if they are in love, true love.


Lori said...

I really enjoyed reading the interview and viewing the book trailer! The concept for the series is great - it sounds like something that I and my students (I teach high school English) would enjoy.

As for the question regarding vampire relationships...I believe that, if they wish, vampires should have relationships with mortals. There's dangers inherent for both parties in such a relationship, but isn't that true of any relationship, whatever the status of the partners? If individuals start limiting who they have relationships with because of fear of pain or loss, there won't be many relationships of any type before too long!

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Awesome questions and guest post girl!:)

Say if this was a real life situation what would you pick? might answer it better, would you rather the smexy gorgeous man pick you a mortal or a potential vampire for himself, well hey im sure you would be like "Me me pick meee!!" thought so :D although there are always certain risks and dangers you have to be aware of when it comes to contemplate a relationship with a vampire, it will also be utterly exciting and enthralling and a roller coaster rid for sure! it depends on if you are willing to accept that, hey i would, what girl doesn't want to be a bit rebellious and be on edge? *grins* so yes vampires and mortals should totally mix xD

Alex (Tales of a Teenage Book Lover) said...

I think that if the vampire is truly in love with the mortal, or any other creature, then they should be able to choose to be with that person. But the human should always have full and complete knowledge of what the vampire is.

alexreadsbooks at gmail dot com

My name is Patricia said...

I'm an equal opportunist so I'm going to say that they should be allowed to have relationships with humans - if anything it makes for a more interesting relationship.


YA Vampire Books said...

If vampires only dated their own kind, there would be an aweful lot of "cold" relationships, don't you think? ;)


Robin K said...

I think relationships with mortals is a bit essential to a vampires way of unlife :)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

cynthial11 said...

Thanks for the gieaway and great interview! I think that yes vampires should have relationships with mortals, I don't think it should matter if they are vampires or not.


Taffy said...

Life would be boring if there wasn't a little disagreement/concern/sticking-to-own-kind...

estsilva said...

Well, I think love doesn't really let us choose, and falling in love with someone who is not 'your own kind' shouldn't keep you from being with the person you love, it shouldn't matter WHAT you are, but WHO you are. So, yeah, vampires should have relationships with mortals, as long as they're not just playing with them.

Jaz.parks said...

En mi opiñon no creo que haya reglas impuestas sobre de quien/que te tenés que enamorar. ¿Deberían los vampiros tener relaciones con humanos o deberían mantenerse con los de su tipo? Si existieran los vampiros y las "leyes biologicas" lo permitieran, ¿Por que no? Si se aman y quieren y se respetan el uno al otro. Así que sí, pieso que deberían poder tener relaciones con humanos o con la persona a quien amen. El amor es libre y si uno no respeta a alguien que esta enamorado de otro, sea de la "raza" o tipo (vampiro, hombre lobo, etc, jaja) creo que no se respeta a uno mismo.
Además, no creo que este en posición de decidir por el pobre vampiro, dejémosle a él la oportunidad de elegir a quien tiene que amar :D

Good luck!
jaz parks. Argentina. dani(dot)prmr(at)hotmail(dot)com

Misty said...

I don't think that any one has much choice in who they have a serious relationship with. Love happens and often there is nothing you can do about it whether you be mortal or vampire. No one should be denied their true love, even if it only lasts for the span of one mortal lifetime.


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

You always host the best giveaways! :)

I'm saying - vampires should stick to their own kind! :) Especially in the case of Bianca and Balthazar (he is clearly the hottest!)

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Honestly, I think telling vampires to stick to their own kind is kind of like telling people not to marry people of a different race or from a different country or religion. I'm all for mixing it up!


Monica P. said...

Im saying mortals.I think they should. If the love is there then they are free to love whoever they want. If they really love each other then they will be there for one another no matter what they are. whether they are vampires or humans. Take a look at other vampire books dealing with vamps and mortals falling in love, they get into tough situations but they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect them and to be with the one they love.

Riv Re said...

In "real life" or in books?
In real life, I think vamps should keep to themselves. I'd love it if paranormal creatures were real, but most people don't want their blood sucked.
In books, I STILL think vampires should keep away. Frankly, I'm sick of all the forbidden love and "I love you but I want to eat you" stuff. Real vamp-vamp romance would be much more interesting (another aspect of Infinite Days that I liked.)

(I won't be able to access my e-mail after July 28th, until late August. You can e-mail me in advance, on the slight chance that I may win.)

angelatarantula said...

i say to stick to their own kind unless they are absolutely positively sure that they are going to love and stay with the mortal they choose for as long as they are alive. if they can't promise that, then they should stick to other vampires.

Mardel said...

I say go for it! Just becareful that you don't accidentally kill the mortal. LOL

Tore said...

My answer would be yes. If a vampire and human are truly in love they should be together. Nobody has control over who you fall in love with. I believe it is decided for you. I believe that everyone has a soul mate. The person they are met to be with. I believe you will always find your soul mate no mater what. Please enter me in contest.

Vampires and Tofu said...

I can't help but look at this question and immediately think of a time when it was asked if whites should date blacks (ok, yes, I know this kind of questioning still happens but not so much where I live.) And while I of course know vampires aren't real, I have to answer the way I would if they WERE real and of course say is love, and our world needs more of, white, gay, undead....

Anonymous said...

I think vamps should be free to love whom ever they want. True love has no boundaries!


Desert Lioness said...

Personally I would say yes. there IS the risk of an boom in vamps, but it doesn't matter. Love is love and you only have the true kind once. If I ever found that with a vampire(IF they were real), I would want to keep it forever. Its such a beautiful thing.

buddyt said...

I suppose it really depends on the story. The ffirst thing that comes to mind in human/vampire relationships is the Buffy TV series with Angel and Spike both wanting Buffy. That seemed to work.

However I can't remember ever reading about a vampire/human liaison where a child resulted. That might be interesting. Can the undead father a child ? Would it be normal or a vampire? If a vampire would it age or what ?

Good interview.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

captainjaneway said...

If there was such a thing as a vampire, they should only have relationships with their own kind.

Marco said...

It seems my first post did not appear, here goes again...

well it seems that humans don't have any choice in this... With the question "Should vampires have relationships with mortals or stick to their own kind" I think the vampires do what they want, even if we (mortals) don't want it. but between be served with potatoes for lunch or be the love of some femme fatale vampire I go with the love part, mortality is fun when we have risks.


Celeste said...

I think there's only one answer to that question and is that they should stick to their own kind, because if they truly loved that person they would have to turn her to their own kind or leave her before she starts aging, so the only way to be truly together is been of the same kind.

Stacey said...

My answer I say if you are comfortable with each others limitations and now what there relationship entails, then I say by all means go a head and get involved with that person, because Vampires were once humans and everyone needs love.I think that people shouldn't let someone elses opinion get in the way of their happiness.

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

You can't hold love to the limitations of race - it is far deeper and more complex than genetics. Love is a gift and should be embraced wherever one finds it!

Teens Read and Write

Vicky said...

I think a mortal/vampire relationship is pointless if there is no way to spend life together. Obviously, the human is going to eventually die, leaving the vampire alone and sad. What's the point in that? But if there was some way to overcome that, then sure, go for it.

magicfreak11 (at )

Eternal Night said...

First, Thanks for hosting the contest.

Second, I don't think you could tell vampires who or what to have relationships with. It's not what you are that matters, it's how you feel that does.

donnas said...

The should be free to have a relationship with whoever they want, no matter if its their own kind or a mortal. You cant help who you love.

misha1989 said...

Hey! Thanks for keeping the contest open internationally!Please enter me.
Here's my answer to the question-
Vampire/human relationships are exciting, we all agree. It gives us something to fantasize about. We all love the "forbidden love" aspect - there is something sensual and seductive about the whole thing.
I believe in "true love". Love is blind. Love doesn't see see religion, nationality , race or in this case whether the other person is even human. Vampires can still feel "human" emotions-love, desire, longing......If you love someone you won't care for the differences, you would be willing to do anything for that love. It is this "true love" aspect of vampire romances that enthralls us.
In novels, everything sorts iself out perfectly- in the end "love transcends all."In fantasy world, vampire/human relationship not only
seems possible but is also extremely alluring...the very prospect of it.
But let us for one moment think in terms of "real world".Realistically speaking, can such a relationship last? Every relationship no matter how strong the love requires certain amount of compromise. Take any relationship for example. Even if 2 people love each other, they
still have to adapt to each other's faults and habits....things that seem small but can assume gigiantic proportions if the person is not
able to accept every single thing about the other person.For any relationship to last a "lifetime" , love is just not enough..sad but true. Two people in a relationship have to meet each other halfway and not everyone is capable of making such a compromise.Talking in terms of human/vampire relationship, the compromise required will be enormous especially in the part of the human who doesn't know anything about being a vampire. The vampire atleast knows what it is like to be human.Ofcourse when the relationship is in its starting phase, everything seems possible, even "sexy" and exciting.They love each other and are willing to fight the world for it. However in long term such a relationship just cannot last or atleast it won't remain a happy relationsip.The human will face immnese difficulties adapting to the
vampire's lifetsyle. Will the mortal be able to handle the "drinking blood" part, no matter how strong the love? Surely, no matter how hard the human tries, the very thought of it would deeply disturb /disgust the human.*CONTINUED IN THE NEXT COMMENT*

misha1989 said...

Secondly, will the human be able to adapt to the vampire's family? The person would feel fear. Even if the mortal trusts the one she loves, she/he might not be able to trsut the vampire's family. Further the human's family might not accept the vampire. No matter what we think we can never completely shun out parents and siblings..somewhere the regret will set in. Then there's the even bigger problem of "society". Will other people accept such a relationship? As I said, love is not enough. Humans cannot live their lioves, if they are shunned by their family, friends and everyone else. Even if the human keeps the fact that his/her lover is a will be impossible to hide the fact forever. Moreover one lie
would lead to another, until it reaches a point where the human can no longer handle it.Then there's another majot hurdle - immortality of vampires.Suppose a vampire/human relationship does last- the human grows old and the vampire remains young and eternally beautiful. The
vampire has to watch as the one he/she loves grows old, weak and finally dies. Imagine the torture of it! If you love someone so deeply, how horrible it must be to know that you will live for an etrnity without the one you love. Every second , every moment will be hard to live, it will be impossible to move on. Further the guilt of having been so helpless to save the one you love will eat you up from
inside...and imagine having to live an eternity with that guilt.As for the human, it will be so hard to grow old as they watch their lover
stay eternally young. Bitterness and jealousy would set in no matter how strong their love.
Love is a strong emotion. But a relationship doesn't last on love alone.A vampire/human relationship will require too many compromises which love alone can't guarantee.
Vampire/human relationships are gripping to read about. But such a relationship would not last in "real life." For long term
happiness, vampires should stick to their own kind. It would be better for everyone.


dor said...

Of course, they should mingle. It certainly keeps things interesting.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Love is love,regardless of race,religion or any difference's that may set people apart (ie;dead or undead) If you truly love someone anything is possible- so personally I think Vampires should love whoever their heart desires be it mortal,vampire or something/someon else.


Dovile said...

I think you can't choose who you fall in love with, and if a vampire's love for a human can make him/her a better person, then nothing should get between them.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

Katie said...

yes and no. on the one hand i understand that perks, you will always have someone to love you and be with you, but eventually you are going to start wanting things that you aren't going to be able to get to so, problems are going to start happening in your relationship.


JenM said...

Everyone should be free to love whomever they want, but assuming the vamp is typical (i.e. hard to kill), a vamp/human relationship will always create problems due to the mismatch in their lifespans. I don't think the solution is just to assume that the human will want to be turned so there has to be a way of dealing with this.


throuthehaze said...

I think as long as the mortal knows the other is a vampire and what that entails then I think it should be okay. It would be difficult though knowing that one of them will live forever and the other will age and eventually die.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

EVA SB said...

Should vampires have relationships with mortals, or stick to their "own kind"?
It may seem more sensible and less dangerous for vampires to stick to their own but I think history has shown us that when there is any interaction between people's relationships will develop.
Love knows no borders.[@]gmail[.]com

God's gal said...

Should vampires have relationships with mortals, or stick to their "own kind"?

If I had a take, I'd say to maybe sticking with their own kind is a safer deal. Of course, once a human is exposed, how can they go back? Take Bella for instance (I figure it's 'in' right now and everyone has probably definitely heard the story), though it caused her insurmountable amount of pain, she still loves Edward (not that I don't). But then, when he left it killed him to be away from her - not from blood deprivation, but for her just being so far. Being wracked with pain as I read the book, I couldn't help but think it would actually possibly just be easier if vamps stuck with other vamps, though of course I'm not saying there's no lure of the 'forbidden fruit' and the interaction will happen one way or another. Wish it would be without hurt, but then where would any vamp story be?
P.S. Also a point: the loves of the vamps' lives usually get turned into vamps themselves (err.. girls; but for guys... we shall see :))


Vixen Pearl said...

Hello, Susan. Good luck with the new novel. Now to your question, this is a question that bothers me about the whole YA distinction for Twilight, no matter how much I liked the novel. *getting on high horse now* In my opinion, vamps should either stick to their own kind or at least pick a girl that's of legal age. I mean think about it: if this was a human man of whatever the equivalent of a man who was a teen in the 19teens, would you really want him pining after your 15 year old? I think not. So why that age difference seems to be so ignored in YA vamp romance books, kinda bugs me. So I'd have to say no. Vamps should stick to their own kind for emotional ties. At least that's what I think of these subject these days.

Vixen Pearl

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

Sometimes I feel that vampires should stick to their "own kind," because they live forever. If I were a vampire, I couldn't imagine how hard it would be loving someone knowing that they will die someday. On the other hand, when you phrase it like "they should stick to their own kind," it sounds incredibly racist and that is not a good thing.. at all. It is probably a case by case scenario. You would have to take into account who the vampire and who the mortal are. Thanks for making me think about this!

Cynthia said...

I say stick to their own kind. I think with all the overrated vampire and human relationships, the vampire/vampire drama would be fun to read about.
ocnwaves32 at gmail dot com

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I think they should have relationships with humans, or else there wouldn't be the kind of Romeo&Juliet, opposits attract, etc.

Of course 1) vamps should choose love interests of at least a bit mature, above the legal age (I find it creepy when a 150 year old vampire lusts after a girl of 14!)

2) and for a happy ending they should find a solution to the other party's immortality.

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

FionaChan said...

Yes, why not? It's interesting between vampires and mortals, see how each author solves the immortality and mortality problem. But I also want to read vampire-vampire love stories!

feeyonachan at gmail dot com

Julianne said...

Vampire relationships with mortals are much more interesting.
lovelyserenity21 at gmail dot com

kjovus said...

It’s the hope of eternal love that makes us lust after the vampire/mortal relationship. What is more romantic than the thought of taming a vampire and being his true love after he has lived so many lifetimes searching for you?
Nothing is.

Lorielle said...

I think it's okay for them to love mortals... and make vampires out of mortals. :) I love this series and really want to read this book!

Llehn said...

Vamps should be able to love whoever they want. I support the freedom to choose :D


Mary said...

Of course vampires should be able to date whom ever they like. They live for so long it might take centuries to find their soul mate and when they do they can turn them into vampires. Making new vampires is how they can carry on the vampire race.

allisonsbj3 said...

I think that it's all about love. If a vampire and a mortal love each other they should be together.


louisse_ang said...

I really like the convept of this story. Brava! I really think that vampires should date both humans and vampires. I mean it's because they were also human before. We shouldn't judge vampires because that eat (more of drink) and talk and live like we do. We are like them in many ways we're just too biased on the fact that they are blood-sucking-leeches. To me, vampires were the greatest thing that was brought into sci-fi or romance fiction. But, people were so intent on hating them it was like turn-off. Vampires and Humans alike can date whoever they wish, you know like werewolves, shifters and all that. We shouldn't judge them or ridicule them because are vampires ourselves... Except more evil and can be driven to insanity. :-) Thanks!

linz said...

I believe that people, or vampires, will love who they love, so why stop them from that? If they love another vamp, go for it. If they love a human, go for it; just proceed with caution. No killing, draining, or scaring. That's not acceptable for any relationship.

The book sounds great! Even if I don't win, I'll wind up buying a copy.

Wrighty said...

Great interview and I can't wait to read this series! Vampire for president, how cool is that? I'm not a huge fan of politics but anything that involves a struggle for power sounds exciting!

I think everyone should have a chance to have a relationship no matter who, or what, they are. Who wants to be the same? Mixing things up adds excitement and opportunity for new chances and experiences. And of course it makes a great story!

Thanks for the giveaway!


justpeachy36 said...

It really depends on the story. But, I think we have seen a lot of stories with Vampires and Humans lately and we could go for something a little different.

Please enter me in the giveaway.

aurora M. said...

Should vampires have relationships with mortals, or stick to their "own kind"?
If these "creatures" were real I believe that they should stick to there own kind but realize this my not be possible because in order to maintain the species it would be possible to ask for ....i don't know, volunteers from the mortal population but in books I like to mix things up so I say all the way! Mortals and vamps!

aurora M. said...

I was sooooooooooo excited by the question I forgot to leave the e mail address in case I won! haha
Please enter me in your giveaway.

stacey said...

I think both Your going to fall in love with who you fall in love with and thats the way of life.

Sara M said...

I think vampires can have relationships with mortals if they're careful.

Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dee Martin said...

Love doesn't care if you are a bloodsucking immortal or a longevity challenged tasty human. The greatest love stories throughout history were about unlikely participants whether they were from the wrong side of the tracks, wrong religion, wrong family. The ability to overcome trials and differences are what make the love story interesting and the ending sweeter :)

sRy_ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pink said...

I think that vampires should have relationships with mortal. I mean, life gets depressing and boring after dozens of decades. Imagine only talking and befriending those you have faced for centuries. If I were the vampire, I would run for the nearest beach with sun in an instant. However, mortals are entirely a different matter. They (we) are so vibrant with life (well, considering the short lifespan comparing to vampires). It will certainly add some splashes of colours to the dull life of vampires! ;)

You can reach me at

bridget3420 said...

Vampires should have relationships with whoever they want to.


Carole Spring said...

I don't think anyone has control over who they fall in love with. Both the vampire and the human need to be aware of the problems that will arise from their relationship both now and later. If both still love each other enough to face 'for better or worse' together for the 'limited' human life span, then I think the relationship is their choice.

Anonymous said...

Vampires should be able to mingle and make things interesting! ;)


Kristina said...

Hm... Well I suppose it depends on what they feel for the mortals (and obviously a lot of them turn out to love them). Should they have relationships with mortals? Probably not. Mostly because there is always that chance of losing control when they’re with their mortal sweetheart. There’s always a sense of danger, and while that can be appealing to readers ( a sense of forbidden love with an entirely different “species”), vampires should be aware of the moral risks of having a relationship with a human. In most of the cases, however, the humans are stupid (lucky for us readers!) enough to pursue these forbidden relationships. I also think that some vampires wouldn’t be happy with their own kind. At least, not the ones who want to keep hold on their humanity and not lose themselves entirely to the beast within. We’d have a lot of depressed vampires if there was some “law” confining relationships with their “own kind”.

So... Should vampires have relationships with mortals? No. Do I love reading about it anyway? Hell freaking yes!


Aik said...

Even though YA books always feature a vampire-human love relationship, I think maybe they should stick to their own kind.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

GMR said...

I think they should be allowed to mix so to speak, I mean can't PLAN who you fall in love with...


Been a fan of this series for quite some time, yet somehow missed that this book can out! Just saw it in store the other night and quickly added it to my wish list....thanks for the chance to win!

missrantsypants said...

You can't help who you fall in love with!

Misusedinnocence said...

For safety they should stick to their own kind as a species.

Julie said...

I think a story is a lot more interesting when the vampires and mortals get together. It's the hopelessness and danger of it, unless the mortal is turned, and it makes for interesting reading.


Lisa R said...

Definitely, vamps should be able to get together with mortals, how else are they going to learn to tolerate each other.
alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Meredith said...

Sure! Why not? I'm sure they wouldn't have any trouble finding human company!

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Beverly said...

Thanks for hosting!
I think that vampires and mortals should be able to have relationships as long as both parties understand what it going on. I guess I would think long and hard just because of the aging factor. Who really wants to be old and falling apart while dating someone who will live forever - everyone has seen the Highlander right.

katscorner said...

I trhink as long as the human knows that the other person is a vamp. that the answer should be yes you can not pick who you fall in love with so even if it was forbidden they would find a way to be togeather.

ape2016 said...

Tough question. The careful rational maternal side of me says, Vampires need to stay far away from humans. The part of me that craves passion and romance says bring it on Fangboys!!

Mearadh said...

I was tempted to go all gung-ho and say what came immediately to mind:


And then I read other people's carefully rationalised comment and now I have to turn biologist for a moment.

If said vampire can produce fertile - or even infertile, because let us remember the mule (or was it the hinny?) - offspring, then they should go for it. Evolution and the forces in control of the universe supports this.

If they don't, then we might safely call it bestiality or something.

Unless we call the vampires an infertile (non-living) sub-species of human.

And then it gets too complicated, so at that point, I'd depends on the couple. Sometimes things matter a hell of a lot on paper, but when you let 'real life' just don't know.

Cathie said...

Simply is love.

Novels On The Run said...

I love the sound of this book.

My only answer can be YES. Of course Vampires and humans should have relationships.
My personal view is that vampires are not void of emotions, just blood through their veins and the pounding of a heart.
I believe they would love more deeply than a human could ever dream of but also have the fear that they will one day lose that one true love forever should it be with an mortal.
The undying passion and love that humans long for would be found.

OK.... so I am a big romantic....!!

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