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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Top 5 Make Up Products I Can't Live Without!

Hey everyone! I came to the conclusion that I'll be blogging about various subjects, besides books. Today's post will be about my top five make-up products I can't live without. I hope you all enjoy it, leaving feed back would be great. :)

*My Top 5 Make-Up Products*

#1 - Mac Matchmaster Foundation
Mac so far in my opinion, has the best coverage for my face. It feels light, yet covers all the imperfections.


#2 - Prestige Cosmetics Liquid Black LE-01 Eyeliner

90% of the time I do not leave the house without my cat eye look. Prestige has been my favorite liquid eyeliner for years now. It lasts long and the brush is easy to use, especially for those just starting out. It's designed to make it efficient for those that have difficulties making a straight line on the eye.

#3 - Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer

I freakin' love this luminizer! For those make-up fans that love to highlight, this is one of the best products I've used. The shine looks natural and it gives a great balance to countering.

#4 - CoverGirl Wetslicks Lipgloss, Honey Talks

I love this lip gloss! I'm a fan of neutral colors, and this gives the soft look with just the right gloss. Plus, it never dries up, which is a plus for me. I hate when some lip glosses or lipsticks leave behind that nasty cakeyness.

#5 - High Impact Mascara, Black Clinique

I'm addicted to mascara, so I've tried a lot. So far, this one is up there on my list of good mascaras. It makes my lashes long without clumping them.

I really hope you all enjoyed this post, if you want more make-up posts, let me know!

Thank you! xoxo


Loni Flowers said...

Looks like I need to go shopping!! I have a hard time finding foundation that last all day. I have a habit of touching my face a lot and usually by the end of the day it hardly looks like I've applied anything.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Ooh that lip gloss sounds excellent. I love hearing about products that work well for others since I'm not much of a makeup girl. I want to try more though!


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