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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Books for Thought: What's the longest you've gone without reading?

Previously known as Monday's Question of the Day, Books For Thought is a feature where I post a book-related question up for discussion. I am open to all opinions and enjoy reading diverse comments from my lovely followers. I look forward to picking your minds!

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What's the longest you've gone without reading?

My Response: Oh boy, I'd say a week! It pains me to admit it, but once I was really sick to the point of not being able to read. Does anyone else have this issue when they are sick? Even when I have a small cold, I can't seem to focus. However, I don't remember ever going longer than a week, even through my reading slumps I try to read a little everyday.

What are your bookish thoughts?


Rowena said...

In the summer of 2007, I went the entire summer only having read one book. That's from the end of June to about the beginning of September of absolutely no reading for me.

It hasn't happened since. I think the longest I've gone without reading something since then was a week.

Anonymous said...

um..... 3-5 days? and even then I have books on the ready at the library so it's never really ever a complete hiatus

Alivia said...

Hrmmm. I think there was a several month dry spell right after the first Twilight movie came out that I stopped reading. Not because I was sick or because I was too busy, but because nothing I found kept my interest long enough or was different than the mainstream chick-flick vamp novel. That was the first time I started looking into other sections of YA fantasy and adventure and found faeries, angels, wolves and more to keep me plenty occupied!

jjmcgaffey said...

I've never gone a stretch without reading by choice (though sometimes my reading was limited to cereal boxes and old magazines). When I went off to university in London, I couldn't find the town library; the school one wasn't open yet; and I had only brought three books and I'd read two of them on the plane. I was a full three days without a book and I literally (yes, I mean literally) had the shakes. I finally borrowed my roommate's copy of The Firm by Grisham. Awful book, but it was a book...saved my skin (then I found the libraries and bookstores and was safe again).

the Vintage Bookworm said...

I can't remember what the longest was for me. I went through a huge slump where I didn't write or read and it was for a couple of months, and that's the only time someone could ask me what book I was reading now and my answer was, "None."

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