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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Books for Thought: What do you think about love triangles in books?

Previously known as Monday's Question of the Day, Books For Thought is a feature where I post a book-related question up for discussion. I am open to all opinions and enjoy reading diverse comments from my lovely followers. I look forward to picking your minds!

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What do you think about love triangles in books?

My Response: It depends on how the author presents the love triangle. Since this type of theme has become increasingly popular, it sometimes falls into the predictable category. We've all read the story line: girl meets nice boy, another bad boy steps in and swoops the girl away, yet girl still likes good boy. Blah, blah. I'm sure you can predict which boy the girl picks hehe.

Luckily, a lot of authors are showcasing their creativity behind these sexy love triangles. It especially helps when the boys are hot tamales. I enjoy the fact when I can't choose who I like better. So, at the end of the day some love triangles can be annoying while others could be addictive!

What are your bookish thoughts?


Lisa Mandina said...

This is something I've noticed as well. It kind of annoys me sometimes, why does it have to be a triangle all the time? But sometimes it works out just fine, especially as you say when both guys are hot. As someone who would be happy to have just one hot guy interested in me, it is quite a fun getaway to feel like the heroine and have two guys chasing after me. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the only love triangle I've enjoyed because I REALLY was stumped because she looked good with both boys and low and behold the boy she met first was her friend is the Gale/katniss/peeta love triangle because its the only triage that really asks "who is she going to be with?" And mean it

Jessica (Confessions of a Bookaholic) said...

I enjoy a good love triangle. But, it is much more fun when I keep switching sides between what guy I think is best :) Those make up the best books! I don't like if it's obvious in the beginning who she will pick. A good fight is always nice, ha!

Marg K. said...

In all honesty, I hate love triangles. I think they're cheap plot devices. I have yet to read a love triangle that was actually good (and I've read a lot since apparently nowadays it's pretty much a requirement for YA fantasy/paranormal books to have a love triangle). Also, I have yet to read a love triangle that wasn't predictable. Finally, love triangles make me lose respect for the heroine because her flip-floppy behavior makes her seem shallow & selfish in my eyes.

Okay, rant over. ;)

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

I agree -- I wouldn't mind a love triangle if it wasn't painfully obvious who the girl was going to end up with. 3 cheers for the underdogs!

Rebecca Herman said...

Not a fan of love triangles. I prefer there to be only one love interest.

Colleen said...

Love triangles are tricky. Done well, I love the conflict and uncertainty they add to a story (ex: The Hunger Games, Song of the Lioness Quartet). On the other hand, a contrived plot device love triangle is rarely fun to read about, especially when the outcome is really obvious.

Riv Re said...

I've always been anti the triangle, though I've recently come across some good ones that are winning me over. I find it hard to sympathize with a girl that has to choose between two hot guys that are fawning over her. And, as mentioned, it's usually obvious. In the Hunger Games, I was pretty sure it'd be Peeta, only because that's the way books go. I just finished reading Illusions by Aprilynne Pike though, and my confidence that Tamani would end up alone disappeared, and I really have no idea who Laurel will pick.

Question for you (especially applicable now that BEA just finished): Do you ever get book blogger jealousy? Do you especially hate when others get it?

NenaTH said...

i sometimes like love triangles but most of the times i like it when it's just a girl and boy ( I've read a series where there are like what 3-4 boys going after one girl i didn't like that but i really like the series so i kept on reading it)

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