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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Magic Tour + Giveaway: Kick-Ass Woman Feature!

Ahoy mateys! The fabulously talented Sasha Soren is back again with a fun pirate tour that'll have you shouting shiver me timbers! When you think of a girl pirate, what comes to mind? A kick-ass woman of course! So, in honor of Sasha's tour, I'll be naming my top five picks of women who I think fit that vibe.

For starters, if you've read Random Magic, you already know Winnie is an awesome character with layers for days. Plus, she's adorably cute with an infectious aura.

Now for the rest of my picks.....
(in no particular order)

"Everything about her is just freakishly cool."

"First look of how Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss from the critically acclaimed, The Hunger Games. Perfect? Heck yes!"

"This woman embodies strength and confidence, especially with her new single Run the World (Girls) - which you can listen to below!"

"Her kick-assness comes from her heart. She's touched me and many others with her show -- her brightness on TV will be sadly missed."

"Is there a role she can't master? I love her acting ability."

So many more to pick, but I'll leave it with this! :) Check out the awesome giveaway below...


You can play to win this Little Pirate Prize, and plenty of other wonderful things scattered throughout Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (May 10-30)

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island Video game PC (Windows Vista-XP-7)

Play to win: Up to four entries per person allowed, International Description: Pirates, zombies, voodoo, magic, mystery, a gorgeous world to play in and some crazy adventures! Hell, yes, is what we’re saying.

Ghostly buccaneers Papa Doc, a voodoo expert; Jane Starling, a crafty female pirate; and Blue Belly, a bashful ship's cook, have to work together to discover a way to re-inhabit their bodies after being separated from them by a curse.

That won't be easy, though -- especially since the fate of the entire world now lies in the hands of these three involuntary heroes…

Shown above: Trailer for Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

* Play as a ghost or as a human
* Use voodoo magic to solve mysterious puzzles
* Meet a wide cast of creepy and hilarious characters

* Help the heroic trio regain their real human forms and find out who tried to kill them
* Combine the abilities of the three main characters to creatively get out of tough spots
* Escape into a wonderfully colorful, artistic, hand-painted game world

By the way, Random Magic also includes a vivid, colorful and beautiful world -- and a fateful encounter with a voodoo legend. The tricky, powerful Baron Samedi, gallantly offers to solve a tricky problem -- for a terrible price.

Find the book Random Magic: Amazon | Kindle

In the meantime, feel free to play to win a fun game about ghost pirates and voodoo trickery, with a dash of magic, mystery, romance and comedy, in Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. Ye can carry off this Little Pirate Prize!

Here’s how to win:
* The winner will be selected at random using
* You'll need a mailing address or P.O. box so the prize can be sent to you.
* This surprise prize is INTERNATIONAL.
* Offer open through June 3, 2011, midnight, EST.
* Winner announced June 6, 2011.

contest is closed.

Find out about notorious female pirates, in the Pirate Queens series during Random Magic Tour: Pirates! Schedule

Find even more surprise pirate prizes! Follow the tour!

The main Rum + Plunder treasure hunt is also open internationally! Here’s another fun way to win something piratey and cool: Browse prizes or join the hunt…

Have fun and good luck!


sRy_ said...

Thank you for the opportunity :)

vvb32 reads said...

great top 5. those women truly rock!
LOL - love the animation in the pirate game. a mini film of it would be fun to watch for non-gamers.

Kiwi Ivashkov said...

I fully agree with the first two picks! Natalie Portman seems too delicate to be one, especially in that picture!Oprah and Beyonce i am not so sure! *sheepish grin*
Great post! <3 it!

Jo said...

Interesting choices! I'd probably swap out Natalie Portman with Angelina Jolie. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I tried to comment on this yesterday but Blogger had a fit on me.
You picked a lot of great women for your list. Kick ass indeed!

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