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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adele Griffin: The Second Clue in the iClue Contest!

The Second iClue!

Are you hooked on this mysterious mysteriette a la TIGHTER? Say yes! If you need to revisit from the top, click here. You definitely need to familiarize yourself with this awesome event. After all an iTouch loaded with six gripping mysteries is the prize! Who wouldn't go gaga for that!?

To find the next clue—click here: (unless you are reading this on my blog right now, then you're here and really cool!)

This week, Adele Griffin is writing a mystery that is a spin on her ghost story Tighter. You can read the opening to the mystery here. The second part of the mystery was featured yesterday on Teen Book Scene’s blog here.

Today is part three . . . and the second clue!
Tomorrow, you can find a link to the next clue here.

iClue: Jessie’s Mystery

He was attempting to meet with her. That’s all she knew. Maybe it was Peter, maybe not. He didn’t want her to know who he was. He was hoping to interest the flirt in her, the girl who’d be intrigued to see who showed up. If she got another clue, would she follow it . . . all the way to him?

“I’ll have one Bacon-Blue Cheeseburger,” she ordered, after the noonday sun reminded them it was time for their Mud Hut lunch, “plus a large chocolate shake.”
“Oooh, Jessie’s stress-eating.” Emory’s eyes twinkled over the menu. “No Cobb salad and iced-tea? What gives?” “Nothing.”

“Another mini-break up with Peter, probably.” Noogie smirked. “Why don’t you two get married already and save us all the drama?”
“Or maybe we should break up once and for—”
Her text pinged, a link from a five-digit code. Her heart leaped. Him. She knew it. “You give the shops your information, and the whole next month is bots and trons.” Could they hear the lie in her voice? They seemed more interested in the complimentary chips and salsa, as she clicked the link.

Emory burst out laughing as the fragile, warbling voice thinned the air. “Who sprinkled your phone so generously with vintage randomness today?” Red-cheeked, Jessie lowered the volume. “No idea,” she muttered.”

Check Adele’s blog tomorrow for a link to the final clue. Figure out the mystery, and you can be entered for a chance to win an iPod Touch in the iClue contest!


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