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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blogger Fame Interview: Sara from YA Vampire Books!

Blogger Fame is a meme that features a blogger once a week. I currently have a lot of entries, once it clears up, I'll add the link to join again.

Today's celebrity is . . .

Sara from YA Vampire Books!

"Me in Gibraltar last summer"

Name: Sara
Age: 22
Location: Norrköping, Sweden

1) Sara, what inspired you to start your blog, YA Vampire Books?

S: A combination of lots of free time, me reading many book blogs at the time, and a growing need to keep track of which books I had read and my opinions of them! :)

2) What's the meaning behind your blog title?

S: When I started out blogging a year and a half ago I wanted to do something unique, since there were so many "regular" book blogs out there (and I guess there are thousands more now!) During that time I read many great vampire books, so I decided to focus on vampires! Movies, TV series - but mostly young adult books. Hence the blog title!

3) What is the best and worst part about blogging?

S: Best part - I love reading all nice comments I have gotten on my blog posts, they really make my day! And of course, getting the chance to read so many great books!
Worst part - When I'm too stressed out and don't have time to blog. And then feel guilty about not posting...

4) Which is your favorite genre to review?

S: Young Adult books is definitely my thing! I mostly read paranormal or contemporary books.

5) What are your top five favorite books of all time?

S: Gosh, this is such a hard question! I would chose:
Harry Potter series - J. K. Rowling
Vampire Academy series - Richelle Mead
She's So Money - Cherry Cheva
Top Ten Uses For an Unworn Prom Dress - Tina Ferraro
Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles

6) Who is your favorite author? If you had the chance to meet them, what would you say?

S: Meg Cabot - she can't write a bad book! I actually have met her, on a book signing many years ago. Sadly I was too nervous to say more than "hi" to her!

7) Do you have any quirks while you write your reviews?

S: Not really. I usually start listening to music, only to turn it off later when I must concentrate on writing :P

8) If you could make a fictional story come alive, which would you pick and why?

S: Wouldn't it be fun if the world of Harry Potter came to life? (Now when you-know-who is dead and all)

9) Currently, which book cover(s) are you lusting over?

S: I rarely lust over book covers. Sure there are some I like, but very few I really love! And none I can think of at the moment...

10) Which type five blogs do you continually visit?

S: I have way too many blogs on my Google Reader! But five blogs I always take the time to visit are:

11) If you had to give advice to a newcomer, what would you tell them about blogging?

S: It's like having a relationship. Mostly fun, but it takes a lot of time! It's worth it though.

Random Questions:
  • Approximately, how many books do you own? No idea! I have lots of old books packed up in boxes, and I'm guessing I have about 100-150 books in my bookshelf at the moment.
  • Favorite guilty pleasure? Watching TV definitely, there are so many great shows! And ice cream. Probably eating ice cream while watching TV ;)
  • Where do you purchase your books? The Book Depository.
  • Judge book by cover or summary? Summary. But if the cover is really crappy I probably wouldn't read the book.
  • Favorite movie? Fired Up is hilarious! I love romcoms.
  • What do you think about e-readers? Never tried one!
  • Describe yourself in three words? Daydreamer, lister*, guarded. (*person who makes lots of lists)
  • Which character would you like to marry? Haha, only one? I'd go with Rob Wilkins from the 1-800-Where-R-U? series
*Where The Blog Magic Happens*

"This is where I should do my blogging, but I always end up sitting on my sofa instead!"

Thank you Sara for this awesome interview!
Make sure you visit her blog:


YA Vampire Books said...

Thanks for having me, Eleni! =)

Arya said...

Awesome interview! And a wonderful blog. :)

Jill said...

I love the peeks into other bloggers lives and habits. Thanks for the post!

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