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Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Post: Ty Roth (Author of So Shelly)

Please welcome Ty Roth, debut author of So Shelly. Thank you to Ty for the post and The Teen Book Scene for setting up this lovely tour. So Shelly has been on my radar since last year and I can't wait to dive into it soon.

The guest post below is Ty's top ten list of things to do and places to visit. Make sure to show some love by commenting. Also, I'm sure he'd love to hear some of your top things to do and places to visit!

Ty Roth is a teacher of literature and composition at both the high school and university levels. He is the author of literary novels for mature young adults and all readers interested in examining the lives of young people through the lens of realistic fiction. Born, raised, and still residing in Sandusky, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, his Midwest roots and life along the Great Lakes play a prominent role in his storytelling. Owning a bachelor's degree in Sociology and two master's degrees in Education and English Literature, his stories skillfully intertwine his fields of academic interest. He is married to Julie Roth and is the father of three sons: Taylor, Travis, and Tanner.

For more info on Ty, visit his sites:

So Shelly by Ty Roth
Reading Level: Young Adult
Release Date: February 8, 2011
Pages: 336

Summary: Until now, high school junior, John Keats, has only tiptoed near the edges of the vortex that is schoolmate and literary prodigy, Gordon Byron. That is, until their mutual friend, Shelly, drowns in a sailing accident. After stealing Shelly's ashes from her wake at Trinity Catholic High School, the boys set a course for the small Lake Erie island where Shelly's body had washed ashore and to where she wished to be returned. It would be one last "so Shelly" romantic quest. At least that's what they think. As they navigate around the obstacles and resist temptations during their odyssey, Keats and Gordon glue together the shattered pieces of Shelly's and their own pasts while attempting to make sense of her tragic and premature end.

Ty's Top Ten List – Things to Do or Places to Visit

1. Visit the Lake District of Northwest England – the unofficial home of Romantic Poetry.

2. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

3. Attend every game of a College World Series

4. Attend two weeks of tennis matches at Wimbledon

5. Own a place in Hawaii

6. Have a novel turned into a Broadway musical

7. Meet Bruce Springsteen

8. Sing with the Counting Crows

9. Have a book reviewed in USA Today

10. Visit Greece


Michelle said...

A very nice and cool guest post. I wish the best to Ty Roth.

Allison said...

love this top ten list...Greece is so gorgeous! I also love the cover even more seeing the whole thing held like that, really looking forward to reading this!

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

Great list! But I'd watch others run with the bulls...on the sidelines...not in front of the bulls.

Lisa Mandina said...

Neat list! I always think it would be neat to get married in Greece on a cliff by the ocean. I can't wait to read your book, it is on my list of Debut authors to read for a blog challenge I'm doing this year.

soccrstargk3 said...

College world series! I live in Omaha and i've gone to most of the games every year. In fact, I bet i was at the one in the picture! haha
I can't wait to read the book, its also on my list of debut authors.
Loved the guest post! (:

Jill said...

Neat list. Love all the pictures!

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