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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rosie Re-Create Cover Contest Winners!

Thank YOU all for your participation! Mariam was VERY impressed with all the entries and even had a hard time choosing one for the third place winner, so there was a tie! I appreciate you all working hard on your covers and can't wait to see your future cover contest creations.

Okay, now for the winners...

First Place Winner:

Yiota @ Splash Of Our Worlds

Mariam's Response: The colors here are just intoxicating, and the whole atmosphere, plus her clothes - the middle-eastern I have to explain? It's simply perfect. Bravo.

You Won: ARC or E-Book of Rosie (depending on your choice.)

Second Place Winner:

JL's Entry

Mariam's Response: Her eyes. I stopped thinking when I saw her eyes - the exact same eyes I pictured for Alessandra. Also, as a Photoshop addict myself, I have to say that it's pretty neat. It's just, so simply, amazing.

You Won: An exclusive, electronic set of 'extras' about the background stories of the main characters.

Third Place Winners:

Amelia @ The Authoress + Kare @ Epic Book Nerd's entry

Mariam's Response: Well, you see, there's a tie here. They're both going to win. I just couldn't choose! Amelia's because, well, it's just so..innocent, if that makes any sense. It leaks of innocence. I love that - it's just so Sandra. & Kare's because it's cute - so cute it's irresistible. The choice of fonts and colors and model photo just go awesomely well with each other. I love it!

You Both Won: An exclusive, electronic set of 'extras' about the background stories of the main characters.

I'll be e-mailing you all once this post goes up! Thank you again for all your entries!!


Misha said...

Congrats Yiota! Yay! :) Also, Congrats to the other winners as well!

Riv Re said...

:h: Congrats to the winners! Covers are so pretty!

Miss Bookiverse said...

I totally love the one from Epic Book Nerd, it should've made first place!

Yiota said...

Oh my god! Thank you so much! <3 I'm so happy!:D Thank you thank you!

And JL i totally love your cover! Funny eh, at the Lisa Shearin cover contest you got first and i second :p Lol XD

Thanks once again!:D

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