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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogger Fame Interview: Lesley from Young Adult Books Reviewed!

Blogger Fame is a meme that features a lovely blogger once a week. I currently have a lot of entries, once it clears up, I'll add the link to join again.

Today's celebrity is . . .
Lesley from Young Adult Books Reviewed!

Name: Lesley
Age: 26
Location: GA
Twitter: @yabreviewed

1) Lesley, what inspired you to start your blog, Young Adult Books Reviewed?

L: I wrote reviews for my college newspaper and had a blast. When I saw Steph Su's blog it hit me, that I could review again. And I haven't looked back.

2) What is the best and worst part about blogging?

L: Best part is meeting so many great people. Worst? I guess the worst would be never having enough time to update as much as I'd like.

3) Which is your favorite genre to review?

L: Paranormal! Something about the unknown, the fantasy mixed with reality that I just love.

4) What are your top five favorite books of all time?

L: Archangel by Sharon Shinn (adult fantasy), Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, Misery by Stephen King (adult horror), Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

5) Who is your favorite author? If you had the chance to meet them, what would you say?

L: Favorite author of all time is so hard to answer! But I guess I would say Stephen King. He's smart, funny, talented, I love his stuff. What would I say? "You were my favorite in Creepshow!" (he was in the 70s movie, lol)

6) Do you have any quirks while you write your reviews?

L: I write them really early in the morning, so I have no distractions. No boyfriend to bug me, no phone calls, nothing. It's perfect.

7) If you could make a fictional story come alive, which would you pick and why?

L: Firelight would be pretty cool. Dragons among us? I would want to be one too.

8) Currently, which book cover(s) are you lusting over?

L: The Iron Witch and Falling Under. Whew, beautiful!

9) Which type five blogs do you continually visit?

10) If you had to give advice to a newcomer, what would you tell them about blogging?

L: Write for yourself, not for anyone else.

Random Questions:
  • Most embarrassing moment in your life? Competing in a Backstreet Boys radio contest. Ugh.
  • Favorite guilty pleasure? The Office. I will watch the seasons while I clean, cook, anything you name it!
  • Best book title ever? Off the top of my head...I really love the title Angelfire.
  • Judge book by cover or summary? Cover, guilty!
  • Favorite food? Cocoa puffs. Mmm...
  • Favorite song of the moment? "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles
  • Describe yourself in three words? nerdy, kind, funny
  • Favorite character you'd love to date? Not that he would go for me because he's in love with Violet, but Jay from the Body Finder series. He's a perfect guy.
Thank you Lesley for this fantastic interview!
Make sure you visit her blog:


A. Knight said...

I really *heart* these interviews, and I love the layout she has up for her blog!

Great post, Eleni!

~Asher K.

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

I look forward to this feature. I love learning more about great bloggers! Kudos Eleni and thanks to Lesley for taking the time to share!

ajmitchell said...

Very cool feature. These questions where interesting and smart and I loved learning a little bit more about one of the blogs I follow.

Jessica Lawlor said...

Awesome interview today! Every week without fail I've found an awesome new blogger! Thanks!

Dr. Jennifer Freed said...

Great interview! I loved the random questions, those are always fun to read.

Bere said...

Awesome interview, Eleni! Lesley sounds like so much fun. I'm off to check her blog out. And I love her blog button! So cute =D.

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