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Friday, December 17, 2010

BEA Confusion Fixed....

Okay, after a stressful morning, a BEA response has been reached! I spoke to a Live Chat person who rudely stated that there was a fee to attend BEA. This is NOT the case. People who are attending BBC and BEA will pay a fee by registering through the non-editorial link (make sure you click on the prices to enter for BBC) here:

People, such as myself, who only want to attend BEA will be free, make sure you register through press (editorial) here:

I had registered before they took it down for maintenance so if you're on the same boat, you should be fine. The educated live chat person expressed that my registration was complete and that I was all set.

So, if you're a blogger who has paid for BBC without any knowledge please make sure you go here to speak to a Live Chat person: or even give them a call for a better response.


Amelia said...

OH MY GOSH Eleni what a morning! Youre like the Caped Crusader of book reviewers. Thanks for letting all of us know what's going on! So I'm understanding that if I've already registered (like you did), I wont need to register again?
Again, thanks for sorting stuff out and letting us all know! What would we do without you?!

baddict17 said...

I had this problem too and talked to 2 different people who acted like I was some deranged person who had no idea what she was doing. Very annoying.

Lisa (starmetal_oak) said...

I'm not sure why it's free for bloggers? On the website Attendee definitions, it says bloggers are considered non-editorial media, not editorial media. So why would bloggers get in for free?

Small Review said...

Thank you for relating your experiences. I find the whole BEA thing to be very confusing. I'm glad bloggers like you have taken the time to explain these experiences.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

It looks like it can go either way. I'm thinking that bloggers who attended last year or prior years will get approved for the press badges. But if you register under the non-editorial (which, really, we are) it does have bloggers as a catergory.

I just registered under Press>Journalist>Blogger and selected that I received a media pass last year. I'm thinking that's the key to getting through this year. I dunno.

Considering how many bloggers attended last year it only makes sense to charge us. But charging us more than what the BBC charge is, which includes the BEA badge, is stupid.

Taschima Cullen said...

Lol this sounds better! Thank you Eleni! xD

(You watched Playful Kiss? I love that show!

Alexa said...

I had a lot of problems with the online chat as well but I finally got help from the lovely ladies over at Good Choice Reading. I didn't attend last year so I don't know if I will even be approved to go.

Alexia561 said...

Thanks so much for the info! I was so confused that I gave up without registering, but now I'll try again. Looking forward to attending, as I had a blast last year!

Blogger said...

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