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Friday, August 27, 2010

Guest Post + Giveaway: Jess C. Scott (YA Book - The Intern)

The lovely and talented Jess C. Scott will be guest posting on La Femme Readers today. Everyone please show her some love, her accomplishment as a self-published author is admirable and impressive. Not only is she a creative writer, but she also is the creator of her covers. With beautiful artwork and cool plots, she is a triple threat. Her new, YA book The Intern is the start of her Seven Deadly Sins Series, the first book covers the sin of Lust. Make sure you check out the guest post below about Korean Pop Music (which I've proclaimed my love for) and two great prizes for a giveaway!

Summary: A 17-year-old intern must choose between trusting an irresistibly suave dance instructor—or her instincts. SINS07 is a series featuring lighthearted tales that explore each of the seven sins in order, beginning with lust.

"You dropped this." I hand over the CD. Our fingers lightly touch and it sends shivers down my spine. "Thank you." He has a nice, smooth voice. As well as a devilish, charming, disarming smile. Are you a dance instructor? I want to say, but nothing comes out of my mouth. All I hear is the sound my heart makes: Bang, Bang, Boom.

(Available for purchase here)

::Contest Details::

-Jess is giving away an ebook of The Intern and I'll be giving away a finished, hard copy from Amazon.
-There will be two lucky winners - however I will be splitting up the two giveaways. For those interested in the e-book, fill out a form which will be international.
-The other form will be for the finished, hard copy of The Intern but, that will be for U.S. residents only.
-Deadline will be on September 17, 2010 at midnight EST time.

(Please enter through form and not comments, thanks!)


(U.S. Only)


Guest Post:

My most recent publication is a YA novel titled, 1: The Intern, part of a SINS07 “seven deadly sins” series. I noticed that the lovely Eleni listens to Korean pop music (even though she does not understand the lyrics—I say the same, for myself), and thought I’d contribute a short blog post on the subject.

1: The Intern features hip hop (in the form of the main dance style, that runs throughout the book), and makes several mentions about the Korean pop music scene (which is influenced by American hip hop). I wanted the book to contain a global appeal, and hip hop was a great choice.

I didn’t start off liking Korean pop (also known as “K-Pop”). Some of my friends were into it in 2003/2004, when I was a 17-year old living in Singapore. I was listening to a lot of rock and classical music at the time (yes, I enjoy both equally!). It was only much later when I started viewing the K-Pop videos on YouTube, that I really started to like it. Koreans have a true passion for dance—I’ve featured a couple of fantastic Korean artistes on a vlog summary post @ (the vlog post features 10 YouTube dance videos from around the world). If you like to dance/enjoy dance music, you might be very pleasantly surprised with what K-Pop has to offer [for starters, you could check out Se7en, Rain, Big Bang, 2NE1, and the videos uploaded by the instructors of Korea’s #1 dance school, Def Dance (which 1: The Intern is dedicated to, along with “dance enthusiasts everywhere”)].

The greatest thing about music and dance is how enjoyable they are, regardless of one’s linguistic and/or dance skills. This, I think, is one of the best things about hip hop/K-Pop/music/dance—it moves your soul, your body, and allows you to experience something which is new, yet utterly enjoyable, at the same time. It is hip hop and Korean pop I can thank, for the vision and direction of the SINS07 series [which kicks off with the dance-and-desire-themed, 1: The Intern (Book 1, Lust)].

Author Bio: Jess identifies herself as an author/artist/non-conformist. Her literary work has appeared in a diverse range of publications, such as Word Riot, ITCH Magazine, and The Battered Suitcase. She is currently working on the SINS07 series, as well as an urban fantasy project featuring cyberpunk elves. Her novella, The Devilin Fey, hit #1 in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases in Bargain Books” in July 2010.

For more info on Jess, visit her site(s):
-Seven Deadly Sins Website

Other books by Jess:
EyeLeash: A Blog Novel
The Devilin Fey
Wicked Lovely
4:Play: A Contemporary Cocktail of Erotic Short Stories

For more books go here: GoodReads

Never listened to K-Pop? I've included some YouTube music videos below of a few singers/groups Jess mentioned in the guest post! I dare you not to fall in love! :P

Big Bang -

Taeyang of Big Bang (it's an English song though) -




Diana Dang said...

Yay for Kpop music!! :D Big Bang, 2ne1 and Se7en FTW for sure!! :D

Elvenpath said...

I looove k-pop. Big Bang is my favourite korean boyband. They rocks =)

lulilut said...

I learned about Rain from watching the Ninja Assassin movie. I like the part where one of the tech guys says he (Rain) looks like he belongs in a boy band.

Anonymous said...

@ diana: I don't know how much time I've spent watching their videos online :P!

@ elvenpath: I think the whole "K-Pop" genre is pretty infectious.

@ lulilut: I really liked that line too (haha!).

Meredith said...

Great post...I've never listened to Kpop!

lotus82 said...

Looks and sounds great.


Phantom Paragrapher said...

Ive never listened to K-Pop either but I like it, Danish Pop is really good bands like Toybox . Intern looks like a great read, I read and reviewed Jess's book Eyeleash, BTW Im a new follower.

RaShelle said...

Fun stuff.

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