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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Author Interview: Tricia Rayburn (Siren)

Everyone please welcome Tricia Rayburn, author of Siren. I appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. I will be reading Siren soon and I simply cannot wait!

Tricia Rayburn lives on eastern Long island with her fiancé and crazy shih tzu. She tries to eat vegetables instead of candy but, in her weaker moments, loves Reese's Pieces. The Melting of Maggie Bean is her first novel.

Fore more info on Tricia, visit her site(s):

Other books by Tricia:
The Melting of Maggie Bean
Maggie Bean Stays Afloat
Maggie Bean in Love
Ruby's Slippers

Siren (Book #1) by Tricia Rayburn
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Pages: 352

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Vanessa Sands is afraid of everything--the dark, heights, the ocean--but her fearless older sister, Justine, has always been there to coach her through every challenge. That is until Justine goes cliff diving one night near the family's vacation house in Winter Harbor, Maine, and her lifeless body washes up on shore the next day. Vanessa's parents want to work through the tragedy by returning to their everyday lives back in Boston, but Vanessa can't help feeling that her sister's death was more than an accident. After discovering that Justine never applied to colleges, and that she was secretly in a relationship with longtime family friend Caleb Carmichael, Vanessa returns to Winter Harbor to seek some answers. But when Vanessa learns that Caleb has been missing since Justine's death, she and Caleb's older brother, Simon, join forces to try to find him, and in the process, their childhood friendship blossoms into something more. Soon it's not just Vanessa who is afraid. All of Winter Harbor is abuzz with anxiety when another body washes ashore, and panic sets in when the small town becomes home to a string of fatal, water-related accidents . . . in which all the victims are found grinning from ear to ear. As Vanessa and Simon probe further into the connections between Justine's death and the sudden rash of creepy drownings, Vanessa uncovers a secret that threatens her new romance, and that will change her life forever.

Now Available in Bookstores!

Author Interview:

1) How old were you when you started writing?

TR: Does the thirty-page "novel" about my best friend and her pretend-boyfriend Rob Lowe count? If so, I started writing when I was twelve!

2) What inspired you to write Siren?

TR: I grew up near the beach and was always a bit of a water baby—until very recently, when a new fear of jellyfish and other sea creatures made me start opting for pools over the ocean. This led me to wonder what REALLY might be lurking far beneath the water's surface, and the wheels turned from there!

3) Are the characters in the books based on someone you know?

TR: In the Maggie Bean books, Maggie's story was inspired by some of my own experiences growing up, and her best friend Aimee and crush Peter are based on my childhood best friend and crush. In Siren, Vanessa's fears were inspired by some of my own...although hers are much more intense!

4) What was the hardest part about writing Siren?

TR: Siren is very different from anything else I've ever written, and I was a bit nervous about dabbling in the paranormal. But it turned out to be even more fun than I hoped it'd be!

5) If you had to describe your book in one word, what would it be?

TR: Chilling. I hope readers will agree!

6) Out of all the books you've written, which one is your favorite and why?

TR: They're all special for different reasons! I love The Melting of Maggie Bean because the story is so near and dear to me. And I love Siren because it's dark and twisty and fun, and because it introduced me to a whole new world of creative possibilities.

7) Do you have any other projects you're currently working on?

TR: I have several projects in the works, but right now I'm most focused on Siren's sequel.

8) What book are you currently reading?

TR: I just finished A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. Loved it!

9) Do you have anything to say to all your readers?

TR: YES. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I'll do my best to keep writing stories that you like reading!

10) Tell us something about yourself that no one knows about.

TR: When I was six years old I took Polish dancing lessons, which usually entailed skipping in a big circle with other kids. Only I couldn't skip. Not even a little. Instead, I half hopped, half shuffled, and hoped I looked cute enough doing so that no one noticed. :)

Eleni: That's adorable! Brings back memories of my Greek dance lessons!


Jena said...

I loved SIREN and I can not wait for her sequel! Thanks for the interveiw! :)

Tara said...

Great interview! I can't wait to read this book!

Nomes said...

I just read Siren on the weekend and, yeah, it was chilling :)Looking forward to the sequl as well. i thought the paranormal aspect was well done :)

Marie said...

I LOVE Siren! It was a great read! I'm excited to hear there's a sequel!

Jackie S. said...

After that great interview, I will definantly be picking up this book. Can't wait to read it!

Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : ) said...

Siren was an awesome book. So happy to hear there is a sequel in the works! Great interview girls!

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