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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Author Interview: Cyn Balog (Sleepless)

Today Cyn Balog, author of Sleepless is gracing my blog with her amazing presence. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you. I am utterly in love with Sleepless and I hope everyone goes out to buy it! If you missed my review, check it out here.

Cyn Balog is the author of the young adult paranormal novels Fairy Tale and Sleepless. She lives outside Allentown, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters.

For more info on Cyn, visit her site(s):

Books by Cyn:
Fairy Tale
Starstruck (Coming out in 2011)
Living Backwards (Coming out in 2012)

Sleepless by Cyn Balog
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pages: 224

Summary: Eron DeMarchelle isn't supposed to feel this connection. He is a Sandman, a supernatural being whose purpose is to seduce his human charges to sleep. Though he can communicate with his charges in their dreams, he isn't encouraged to do so. After all, becoming too involved in one human's life could prevent him from helping others get their needed rest. But he can't deny that he feels something for Julia, a lonely girl with fiery red hair and sad dreams. Just weeks ago, her boyfriend died in a car accident, and Eron can tell that she feels more alone than ever. Eron was human once too, many years ago, and he remembers how it felt to lose the one he loved. In the past, Eron has broken rules to protect Julia, but now, when she seems to need him more than ever, he can't reach her. Eron's time as a Sandman is coming to a close, and his replacement doesn't seem to care about his charges. Worse, Julia is facing dangers she doesn't recognize, and Eron, as he transitions back to being human, may be the only one who can save her. . . .Even once they've become human again, Sandmen are forbidden to communicate with their charges. But Eron knows he won't be able to forget Julia. Will he risk everything for a chance to be with the girl he loves?

Available in Bookstores Now!

Author Interview:

1) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

CB: I think I was always a writer, because in school I was always scribbling and people knew me as "The Writer Girl." But the problem with calling yourself a writer is that everyone always asks you, "Have you published anything?" So I get the feeling that even though I thought I was a writer, most people didn't see me as that until I sold FAIRY TALE. I think that when I sold FAIRY TALE, I went from "writer" to "author." You know, "author", said with a snooty British accent.

2) What inspired you to write Sleepless?

CB: You would think I got the idea while lying in bed, right? But no, I remember clearly driving home from work and thinking that I should write about a Sandman falling in love with someone he was in charge of seducing to sleep. I had this mental picture of a man sitting outside a girl's window, a girl who he's known forever and desperately loves, wishing they could be together.

3) If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in Sleepless?

CB: Well, I wrote it in three weeks, so I cringe every time I think about what's inside. I can't really remember. If I had it all to do over again, I think I would have developed the story more, taken more time with it. A month, at least. ;)

4) If you had to describe your book in one word, what would it be and why?

CB: Hardcovered. Because it's a hardcover.

5) Do you have any other projects you're currently working on?

CB: I am about to work on edits for STARSTRUCK, which is my 2011 book, about a girl who starts to suspect paranormal forces at play when her best guy friend returns to town after three years and is suddenly popular. And then I am writing LIVING BACKWARDS, my 2012 book, about a guy who cannot only see his own future, but how that future changes (for better or worse) every time he diverts from what he's supposed to do.

6) Out of all the books you've written, which one is your favorite?

CB: I wrote this book that nobody else liked but me; it's a romantic comedy of errors about this surfer girl who gets mistaken for her corporate bigwig mother and falls in love with her mother's biggest client. I totally know why it didn't sell as the idea is pretty far-fetched, but I still just love that book. Every time I read it I think, "This is darn cute!" If I am ever so rich and famous that I could write scribbles on the back of a paper napkin and they would be published, maybe it will see the world. Right now, it's on a computer drive somewhere.

7) What do you like to do when you're not writing?

CB: Read. And I really don't have much time for anything else as I have two kids under the age of 4 and my husband works about 80 hours a week. I can't say I like changing diapers, in fact I am quite sure I hate it, but that's pretty much my world right now.

8) What book are you currently reading?

CB: The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin by Josh Berk. It's sooo funny.

9) Do you have anything to say to all your readers?

CB: I have readers? Um, hi. I didn't know you were there. I should probably watch myself from now on. If you have read my books, THANK YOU!!

10) Tell us something about yourself that no one knows about.

CB: I am addicted to Hercule Poirot mysteries. ADDICTED. I used to have this fantasy that I could write mysteries like Agatha Christie but when I tried, I got so confused the only thing I ended up murdering were dozens of trees and my ego.


David A. Bedford said...

Have I ever been there with the kids. We've had three of them, and my wife and I both teach college. They are worth every ounce of effort we put in, though, and they make us proud. When I started writing, our two youngest were still little, so my latest project naturally includes characters of a wide range of ages. I think it enriches my books. Anyone interested in knowing about my latest effort, please just visit my blog. Thanks!

elioravespera said...

Great interview!!! Love the unique questions. :D

I would love to read Sleepless.

Jules@OneBookShy said...

Thank you for the review and great interview. This sounds like another interesting book I'll be adding to my list.


Marie said...

Great interview! I'm itching to read this, it sounds really unique and different.

The Bookish Type said...

Great interview! Cyn seems like a really fun and funny person =) I can't wait to read Sleepless - the Sandman premise seems so imaginative and original! Especially in our present world of vampires and werewolves. I think Living Backwards also sounds really interesting - I like the fact that the future changes when his present actions change course. I'll be interested to see how the novel works out the conflict between determinism and free will. Thanks for the interview!

Mary not so Contrary said...

Great interview! Cyn seems so nice and totally down to earth. I don't think anyone like to change diapers. Its just not right! Sleepless sounds good and totally orginal. Both of her upcoming books also sound really good!

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