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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Harlequin Teen Panel!

Harlequin offers a great way for young teens to connect with each other through books. It's an online reader panel of Young Adult fans to discuss books, movies, music, fashion and even get the chance to receive free books. Sounds great right?

Cecilia from Harlequin, who works with the Teen Panel loves to hear the members opinions and input. They even played a role in helping establish the book trailer for Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder. Check out the final version of the trailer here.

Interested in joining?

Follow these rules: They are looking for girls
13-17 years old who live in the USA and enjoy reading YA books. They do need your parent's consent, it's a legal thing. But, I'm sure your parent's won't mind. :) All you have to do is register here and for further info on the panel, visit their site:

What does a member do? You will be contacted at least once a month via e-mail with a survey or discussion about books and other topics. Also, their panel was created for research only so Harlequin will NEVER try to sell you anything. Cecilia and the rest of her crew are only interested in your honest opinions.

If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact Cecilia at!

Are you over 17 years old? No worries! Harlequin has another panel for 18+ members where they still offer these fun aspects through e-mail:

• Read Harlequin® books and give us your opinions (the books will be sent to you free of charge and are yours to keep with no obligation to purchase anything!)
• Share your opinions on our book covers
• Give your opinions on new book ideas
…and much more

Interested? Go here to join!


AtenRa said...

Too bad they are for US citizens only :(

The Book Vixen said...

Thanks for the info! I signed up for the "adult" Harlequin site :)

Rheanna said...

Eleni thank you sooo much. I always only see the panels for teens and I love to read and review books. Also I've wanted to join a group for awhile; I just read your post and was ecstatic to find out about Tell Harlequin's adult panel. Thank you so very much I am soo excited to start the panel!

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