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Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Review: Branded by Keary Taylor

Branded: Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: CreateSpace (Self-published)
Pages: 374
Source: Received from author for honest review

Summary: Night after night, Jessica stands trial before a council of vindictive angels for deeds she didn't commit. Condemnation brings a branding as they dementedly laugh and point but exaltation starts a war over her soul. These are Jessica's nightmares. Alex is everything Jessica could ever want and she'll do anything to be with him. Even tell him the truth about angels, why she never sleeps, and the scar on the back of her neck. This is what she will fight for. But the nightmares rule Jessica's life and she must find a way to stop the events that are pulling her toward her own judgment or become the object of her greatest fear. And lose Alex forever.

My Review: Branded: Fall of Angels was a thrilling and unique novel. The refreshing quality in the storyline surpassed any Angel stereotype I've read so far. Jessica, the main character, was an empowering, strong-willed figure who had high tolerance for difficult situations. Every night she dreamed about vengeful angels who decided her fate on wrongful crimes. The punishment for her "crimes" were either to
brand and condemn her to hell or send her above. The whole visualization of the trial was creepy and scary. The initial fear that Jessica exuded was heart-wrenching and doleful. I definitely respected Jessica for having the strength to deal with the daily nightmares that followed her into reality. After being branded, she would wake up with the burning mark of an X on her neck and angel wing carvings on her back. It was truly fascinating to see how the nightmares lurked with her everywhere she went.

Now, this book was definitely not all about pain and anguish. I did meet a charming, good-looking, swoon worthy guy who swept Jessica off her feet. Alex, was the perfect example of a sweet, bad boy that fit the description of my perfect guy. The way he treated Jessica was full of true, unconditional love. He was the one person in Jessica's life who kept her safe and grounded. Throughout the novel, Keary does a wonderful job of keeping the mystery behind Jessica's trials. I didn't fully understand the scenario until answers slowly unraveled. The twists were intriguing yet a little predictable at times. Overall, Keary is an indie author whose talent has the ability to move her readers. The characters and organized plot were well-executed. I am surprised that such creativity hasn't been scooped up by a big publisher yet. I truly cannot wait to see what Keary has in store for us next!

My Rating:
Author's Info:
Keary Taylor is the oldest of five girls, wife to her wonderful husband Justin, and mother of two amazing children. She tried everything at a very young age, including getting married, buying a house, helping her husband with their own business, and wrote Branded at the age of twenty-one. She lives on a small island in Washington State called Orcas Island amid the ocean, towering trees, springy ferns, and a lot of tourists. Keary is currently unagented and unsigned.

For more info on Keary, visit her site(s):


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Savannah said...

This sounds like something I definitly read.

Jan von Harz said...

Wow Fantastic review. I want this like now!

miss cindy :) said...

I love that cover! This book sounds really good. Great review :)

misha1989 said...

Thanks for the review!
I just started my own blog. Please stop by if you can. Thank you


Mary not so Contrary said...

Great review. I'll have to go to the local indie book store out here and have them order it in for me. Thanks!!

Kelly aka yllektra(force-oblique) said...

Wow, I just heard about this book, but it sounds amazing!
Thanks for the review!! XD

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