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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

What is your favorite scene from a book?

(Thank you to my darling Sherry for this idea!)

My Answer: A scene in the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has so far remained my favorite. It was the moment when Katniss first entered into the game of survival. I remember she started running to grab weapons and to get as far away from the others. I literally experienced goosebumps from the mix of excitement and fear. It was a memorable time in my mind that has yet to be replaced.

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bkobsessed17 said...

sorry to all the twilight haters but I love when Jacob comes to Bella's house and says "Does my being half naked bother you?" I just love that scene. It always makes me smile

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Eek, I still haven't read The Hunger Games so I can't comment on that scene. Hm... I'm not a huge Twilight fan now but back when I was obsessed, I rererererereread Twilight. So I can't exactly pick a favorite scene, but I DO have some very memorable Twilight ones - too many to pinpoint!

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm going to confess: The tent scene in Eclipse. I love the love and tension in that scene.

This Is It said...

oh my goodness, there are so many. I love the scene in Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever when Macy and Wes are walking to the gas station and they start playing Truth. As the reader, you know they are falling for each other, but the characters don't know it yet.

Mary not so Contrary said...

We have the same favorite scene!!! Also the scene when Katniss and Prim go to seal the food from the professionals. LOVE that book!!!

Riv Re said...

I have two favorites.
1)In Shiver, after the car crash, the police came up and asked Grace "Are you alone?" and she said yes.
2)MG series Warriors is about cats. In book 6, evil cat Scourge killed other evil cat Tigerstar by slicing his stomach open. He died a long a painful death. Awesome gore scene.

Nomes said...

I love that hunger games scene too :)

Its so hard to pick a favourite scene - but I pretty much love every scene that Taylor and Griggs are together in Jellicoe Road <3

Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : ) said...

Oh man, I remember that scene! Lots of goosebumps.

I really love the scene from The Forest of Hands and Feet when Mary has to flee her village.

Great question!

Kaya said...

Hunger Games-pretty much every scene! The series is gold:)

Harry Potter- Climax and resolution of Goblet of Fire-particularly the Graveyard scene

City of Ember-the end

Anonymous said...

The Hunger Games - Katniss and Rue with the flowers. I don't want to spoil the scene but it left a big impact.

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

That is a great SCENE and a great series. I am dying for the next book. I can never decide between Peeta and Gale though! LOL

The Book Vixen said...

The tent scene in Eclipse. Tension!! Rawr!

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