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Sunday, May 23, 2010

CSN Stores: Bookshelf Review

Today I'll be reviewing this lovely bookshelf from CSN Stores. The picture below is how my bookshelf choice looked on their website...

Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Bookshelf in Black Wood Grain -

UPS delivered the package in great shape. I liked the fact that there was a label stating that it was fragile and should be handled with care.

Luckily, my fiance was at my house and I asked him to set it up for me. It literally was the easiest bookshelf to ensemble. As he was putting the parts together, I figured I could of easily done this myself if he wasn't around. The whole process took a little bit over five minutes. Yes, you heard right, five minutes! It was that simple.

The only negative thing about one of the shelves is that it had a scratch on it. However, it wasn't that noticeable. So, we put that shelf on the bottom which will be covered with books.

I decided to take two pictures of the final look, one without books...

and one with books..

Didn't it turn out awesome? I truly love how simple and cute it turned out. I also love the dark color since it matches the decor in my room. Piglet seems to have a new home now. :) Overall, I was very satisfied with the quality and easy set-up. I'll definitely go back to purchase more furniture and will recommend this site to my friends and family.

This website offers everything! They state on there site, "CSN Stores offers an incomparable selection, a trained service team, and prices that won't be beat! From beds and desks to TV mounts, we can furnish your entire home, business, or school, and you can shop at all of our stores with one cart!"

I especially love the range of bookshelf styles, decor and kitchenware. Also, they offer beautiful recessed lighting which will definitely come in handy when we're trying to read at night!

Overall Rating: (4.5)

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for promoting this website. I only received a bookshelf for an honest review.


Insert Book Title said...

It's cute! I love it!

slommler said...

An adorable little bookshelf. Perfect!

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