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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Meme: Kiss And Tell

Kiss And Tell is an awesome meme started by Fantasy 4 Eva. She's very creative and is fairly new to blogging so I hope you all welcome her by visiting her site and participating in this meme. The concept is to write about book(s) that caught your eye either in the library, bookstore or even a book that was borrowed from a friend. It's really up to you. However, there are a few rules which are better explained here.

Now, I'm embarrassed to say I never go to the library. I know, bad Eleni. *slaps myself on the hand* But, I hope to change that soon. So, for this week I'll be featuring two books, one that I recently discovered online and a book I just purchased.

Online Discovery:

John Belushi is Dead by Kathy Charles
(Formerly Known As Hollywood Ending)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Release Date: August 24, 2010
Publisher: MTV Books
Pages: 320

Summary: Pink-haired Hilda and endearing punk Benji, both seventeen, have an obsessive hobby—they haunt the places where Hollywood celebrities have died. In rundown Echo Park, once the hub of the movie business, they find the squalid apartment where a second-rate silent movie star stabbed himself to death with nail scissors. Its current tenant is Hank, an old man with a mysterious past. While Benji dives deeper into the cult of celebrity death, Hank and Hilda make an unlikely pair. Then Jake the screenwriter turns up. What’s his story?

My Thoughts: I really love the thrilling summary and the cover quickly caught my eye. There is something mysterious about the image of a back and pink hair. Makes me think, what is she hiding? So, I'm really looking forward to this one! Visit the author's website for further details:

Recently Bought Book:

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Pages: 256

Summary: Ei and his family have lived in the underground Compound for six years. The world they knew is gone, and they’ve become accustomed to their new life. Accustomed, but not happy. No amount of luxury can stifle the dull routine of living in the same place, with only his two sisters, only his father and mother, doing the same thing day after day after day. As problems with their carefully planned existence threaten to destroy their sanctuary—and their sanity—Eli can’t help but wonder if he’d rather take his chances outside. Eli’s father built the Compound to keep them safe. But are they safe—really?

My Thoughts: I enjoy a good dystopian and I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this book. The whole premise of living underground for six years is mind boggling. It's also interesting that back in 2008, when the book was released, covers were different. I believe now in 2010 covers are a huge part of the Young Adult industry. Honestly, if this book would of came out recently I might of glanced over it since the cover is dull. But, it also teaches me that I shouldn't judge a book by its cover or else I'll be missing out on an amazing story. I also will be featuring S.A. soon on my blog with an awesome interview and review of her next book The Gardener, so look out for that! For further details visit her site:

I'd love to know what your first impressions are about these two books :)


Sara said...

I'm definitely going to check out JOHN BELUSHI IS DEAD... the cover is awesome!

As for THE COMPOUND, I have been reading a lot of dystopian YA lately, so I might as well add this one to the pile!

Trillian said...

I really like the sound of The Compund so I'll be adding it to my wish list. Thanks for sharing!

slommler said...

Actually neither one appeals to me. Not the cover and not the content. Don't know why...just doesn't!

Ky said...

I've been wanting to read to read The Compound for forever! Gah! Too many books not enough money! Tis the horror of my existence. :/

Little Miss Youngblood said...

Meme sounds awesome. As for the not going to the library bit? I never go either, except for the school one cause we have to. I don't like going to the library. You don't get to keep the books! Lol. The books don't really appeal to me either, but seeing 'MTV books' I remember this book I've recently read, called 'Oh My Goth' by Gena Showalter. It's awesome, you should read it. :D

Holly said...

Hollywood Ending is one of the most unique books I've ever read.

BookFreak said...

I no this girl. Andrea @ Loud Words & Sounds made both of our layouts. She's really cool check out my page and see.

Ee Leen Lee said...

both books sound very intriguing
thanks for reviewing them

blueicegal said...

hey there girl! thanks for participating made me feel all mushy inside looks like my Meme is feeling the love :) and bookfreak i know andrea is a good mate of mine she made my layout to shes fantastic at what she does :) i havent heard of those two books they sound really good!

The Graef Family! said...

Cute meme!!! JOHN BELUSHI IS DEAD sounds really good and I LOVE the cover. Thanks for introducing the new books and Meme!

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