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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

Question: Do you judge a book by its cover? If so, was there a time where you read an amazing book that didn't have an appealing cover?

My Answer:
Sadly, yes I do judge a book by its cover. Especially now when covers are so beautifully done, I can't help but admire the quality. However, I'm not one to buy a book just for its cover. I do take the time out to read the summary so I can determine if it's my kind of book. Hm, two books with okay covers come to mind, the screenplay of Jennifer's Body by Audrey Nixon and Beastly by Alex Finn.

The cover for Jennifer's Body is really cute but I would have liked to see it be more creepy. For instance, the DVD cover for the movie they came out with is perfect. I'd pay more attention to a book cover that resembled something along those lines. Even though it wouldn't be as sexy, it is YA after all!

The second book cover that didn't do the book justice is Beastly by Alex Finn. It's just too plain for my taste. I get the whole "white rose" angle since it's a big part of the book but eh. I would of picked something a bit more interesting.

So, those are my two picks, it was very hard to choose since most of the time YA book covers are gorgeous!

I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment :)


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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I do. I had a similar discussion on my blog a few months back and was thrilled to see I was not alone.... not even close :)

What this discussion did for me was really enlightened me on how much pressure the publishers really have on them when it comes to the cover. I believe that for an unknown author, a cover really could make or break a book.

A book with out the "cover love" would have to come highly recommended to me for me to choose it, sad but true....

Great topic!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that I don't, but I suppose I do. A lot, in fact. I don't know why because clearly there are times when the book has a terrible cover and the book is fantastic (and vice versa).

For example, I have not read the "Fairy Rebels" series by R. J. Andersen yet, but the difference between the U.S. and the U.K. versions are a great example about how the same book can alter my perception just by having a different cover.

Awesome question today, it's one I think many readers face!

KM said...

I'm not a huge fan of the BEASTLY cover, either. Sure, roses were a big deal in the book, but it could have been way more awesome. The movie poster, on the other hand, is awesome. It gives more of a feel for what the story is about, I think.

slommler said...

I do love me a good cover and tend towards the ones that catch my fancy. But I also read the summaries...soooooo...I will buy the book if the summary is great!

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I can't deny that I do sometimes judge books by their covers, but I've been trying to stop ever since reading Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue. I wasn't a huge fan of the cover originally, but after reading the book, I didn't even care (the book was that fantabulous)!

Bookgeek said...

Sadly, yes, a cover makes all the difference. I often sell a book by telling someone the plot and making them promise to ignore the cover. I've bought books because I love the cover (Fallen) and despite the cover (Lament, Vampire Academy, The Demon's Lexicon to name but a few) and think publishers should pay a lot more attention than they often do. That said, if a book is good word of mouth is often enough.

Chas @ LLL said...

I will say that a cover is the first chance a book has to gain the attention of a potential reader.

Normally, I have my little ones with me at the store so I am not able to peruse book after book. I slowly scan and look for something that catches me: cover, title, and/or author. Then will I pick it up and read the blurb.

So yes... covers are very important. I think of covers at first impressions. Make it count.

Have I read any covers that were not so appealing?
Hmmmm, The Hunger Games is not a cover that would have caught my eye. But after all the amazing blog reviews i immediately went out to get it- it did take me time though to see enough of the reviews to see I was missing out on something. I am glad I listened to everyone!=)

The Book Vixen said...

Covers have come a long way since I was a teenager! If these covers that are out there today were out when I was younger, I would have definitely been reading (I didn't get into reading until I was 22). So yes, I judge a book by its cover.

A lot of Nicholas Sparks' books have non-appealing covers. (yes, I'm a NS fan.)

There have also been times that I've picked up a book with a gorgeous cover only to find out that I have no interest reading the book whatsoever. Do you know how hard it is to put a book down, a book that has a beautiful cover, because it doesn't interest you?!!

Great question Eleni!

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