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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

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Question: What are the most insightful books you've ever read? What issue did the author focus on?

My Answer:
I love insightful books, not only do they educate the reader but also alert us on the seriousness of the matter. I picked three books that I feel executed this idea very well, Hate List, By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead and Exposed.

In Hate List, Jennifer Brown introduces shootings in schools. When this unexpected and tragic event strikes innocent students, the media doesn't really focus on the shooter's background. We never really know why? The shooter most of the time ends up taking his own life which leaves us with unanswered questions. I felt in the Hate List, we get a sense of the emotional and mental sickness of a shooter. All the red flags are there, however it takes one person to get over there denial to make a difference. This book is extremely powerful and life changing. It makes you think twice about treating people badly because you never know when they're going to snap.

In By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead, has a truthful outlook on the causes of bullying. Julie Anne Peters has truly captured the voice of all kids and teens who struggle with bullying on a daily basis. Daelyn, the main character seeks a way out with suicide. Unfortunately, a lot of teens and even adults don't know how to handle the hurt from bullying and think killing themselves is the easy way out. This book brings bullying and suicide into the light and it just might inspire others dealing with these issues.

, deals with online predators. In this book, it expresses that parental controls don't always work. Teens will find a way to fall through the cracks and that's when danger follows them. Susan Vaught does a great job highlighting precautions someone can take to make sure they do not fall for online creeps.

So, all of these books are great examples of insightful reads. They touched me in a certain way and will never forget the impact they had on my mind.

Check out my book reviews for all three:
Hate List / By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead / Exposed

I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment :)


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runnersami said...

That's a great list of books! Have you read Before I Fall? If you liked the books you mentioned, you'd probably like that one as well. And 13 Reasons Why too. Have a great week!

bookaholic said...

Good question. Well...I am more of a fun books sorta person. So cant comment much on this topic but. But I do want to check out your recommendations.

emilyborges said...

I enjoy books that are insightful and deal with issues but there is a line beyond which those books can become over dramatic and detached from reality. I don't like when it happens.
Among my favourite there is "The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things" (Carolyn Mackler) and the way it copes with insecurities related to a weight issue. Also I found that "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson was excellent.

JAD said...

Oh, this is a toughy. I can't think of any in the YA I've read, because I tend to gravitate more towards the more comedic ones, but ...well, in other genres, there's quite a few: Of course the classics can cover every topic known to man from alcoholism to xenophobia, but of some of the stuff I read lately, Elizabeth's Hoyt's latest (To Desire A Devil) comes to mind. There's a very interesting character in it that suffers from shell shock as a result of serving in the King's army, and she did an excellent job showing what he was going through--something that soldiers even today, unfortunately, have to deal with.

The Graef Family! said...

You should for sure check out Willow by Julia Hoban. It talks about cutting. SO GOOD!!!!!!! I think you would really like it. Awesome list. I'm going to have to check out By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead. Sounds like a good read with a good cry to it. :)

Helen M said...

Hate List is SO good. I would also say Julius Lester's Guardian is very insightful.

Cleverly Inked said...

Hate List seems great. I think alot of YA really has some great reads that have strong emotions

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