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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

Question: Some of you have blogs and some of you don't, however this question can be answered by both, what are your pet peeves with blogging?

My Answer: Well, I don't have a lot because I seriously LOVE blogging. My only pet peeve is how some people consider blogging to be a competition. No one will come out and say it but it is true. I see it happening all the time. If someone comes out with a cool contest the next day someone else will have a similar contest and try to top the other. Or if a person has a bunch of ARC's, people will get jealous and pout about not receiving them. To me, I love all of my followers and bloggers because if it wasn't for them my blog wouldn't of taken off the way it did.

I've only been blogging since May 2009 and I feel I accomplished a lot and I'm proud of my blog. I never find myself competing with others, I'm always open to helping everyone. I also like to have a unique blog that conveys my style and the type of person I am. Well, hopefully it's perceived in that way hehe *fingers crossed* So can't we all just get along? We're all here to read and review books we love. I think sometimes people forget that we're all here for the same passion :) My post is definitely not pointing fingers at anyone, it's just things I've observed in general.

I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment :)

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My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

pet peeve- is that not having as many followers sometimes are the big book blogs and not being to get the books like the big ones..( Being Honest--so throwing stones)

I understand I'm small and growing but then I'm a hodge podge of things too, and not pointing fingers either.

Kate said...

Like you, I don't really have that many. I agree exactly with what you are saying though. I feel like many do see blogging as a competition and try to out do one another. But I have gotten to the point where I don't care about that anymore. It is a waste of time and energy. Plus, I would rather put my time into my own blog. There is a lot more I could say about this, but you already know how I feel on a lot of stuff so why repeat myself. Great question and I hope you get a lot of great responses.

bookaholic said...

I agree with you Eleni,the blog world is definitely full of competition but then which world isn't?

The Graef Family! said...

I don't have a book blog so I don't know anything about the competition part. (although I would love to have one I'm just to chicken) I just have my family blog so my family in the US can see what we are up to. But I follow a TON of book blogs (I love books oh so very much!) and the only thing that peeves me is music. I love listening to music! But when I'm trying to read a review on a book I might want to get and theres music in the background it so bugs me. I may be able to do multiple things at once but reading in my head and singing in my head at the same time is not one of them. Sorry if anyone out there has music playing on there book blogs!!!!

Faye said...

I hate comp! it makes no sense.So ditto w/ what u said.

I really don't have any pet peeves.

Eleni blog is awesome!*yay-fangirl* lol :D

ExtremeReader said...

Hi Eleni,
You know I have crazy love for your blog! I think you are right about the competition aspect of blogging. It is the proverbial 'pink elephant' of the blogosphere! I feel like you do... arcs are great- but definitely not the reason you should blog/review! I get a few here and there and I truly appreciate them, but I read/review for the love of books and the utter awe I feel because of the incredible talent found amongst the YA authors! Blogging is an outlet- my place that I can blab about my crazy addiction to books and get all fangirl over authors because most of the people in my life are not very interested in hearing about it!! :) I also LOVE the blogging community! It is great to find so many people with similar interests to chat with! Great question!

Kailia Sage said...

The competition is right on! As you know I'm a new blogger and I find new blogs all the time! and this is one thing I see so often. One blog has 10 books in a contest, soon another blog as 15. the ARC. I've only gotten one arc from a publisher (well...they are the only ones I asked!) but that is not why I love to blog. I started to blog because I love to read and I wanted to share my thoughts on a book with others. If I went with the competition, I would either loose of I would begin to hate blogging trying to win. I think people should love their blogs for what it is and not for who's got more followers, or more books in a contest, or who gets more ARCs.

Lauren said...

Interesting question. While I see a little bit of competition around the blogosphere, being a UK blogger I think that blogger competitiveness with ARCs doesn't really affect me. I'm not sure about the contest thing... although I do feel personally that now people are doing such amazing contests, when I decide to hold one it has to have more thought put into it than previously. I definitely agree that we should all concentrate on making our blogs distinctive and on getting along as a community, though. :)

WilowRaven said...

I agree with everything you said :) I don't really have pet peeves about blogging either. I read because I love books and I blog about them because I like sharing that love. I haven't felt that competitive tug myself but I know what you're talking about. I love ARCs but only because I'm inpatient :) I haven't gotten all that many and I'm fine with that. If I never received another book for review, or won another contest I wouldn't stop blogging and nothing could stop me from reading :)
Great question!

Lisa R said...

I started reading blogs as an alternative to reading Amazon's "reviews" on books. I wanted real people's opinions. I started a blog as a way to keep all of my reviews in one place, really just for my benefit as my reviews were all over the place. Once I started reading blogging reviews, of course I ran across contests to win a free book. So I think Wow! Great! and I won the very first one I entered. More Wow! Great!. Then I realized that a lot of bloggers wanted you to repost their contests, okay no biggie. I got a blog, so why not. Anyway, these memes have snow balled and before you know it you are spending more time entering, tweeting, Facebooking(is that a word?),& blogging than actually reading the reviews or the real books. So if I have a peeve, it's why not have 1 person get 1 entry. Make it simple not a 30 minutes endurance test.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com


Book Monster said...

Time Zones. I feel so behind sometimes. People will be doing WOW and it'll still be Tuesday where I live.

Mardel said...

The last year I've been enjoying the many positive comments and posts on many blogs. There have been a few post where a lot of people were upset about something, but it was mainly understandable - about something that needed to be changed. So it was a good anger (if that's possible), and it did have good results.

The other night I read post where a blogger had just put up her version of a meme, it was cute, something to do with book covers of upcoming releases, and one of the commenters wrote something along the lines of her not being very original and inferring that she was "stealing" an idea.

No one took her seriously, other to nicely say something about negative posts. But it left me with a "bad taste in my mouth" feeling. It was unnecessary and I wondered what the hell was wrong with the commenter. Why ruin someone's post with ill feelings? It's not like we need to patent everything we write or everytime we post a cover, or book we like. That would be my pet peeve. I guess that comes under the competiveness heading.

Like I noted earlier (in my long comment) Most of the posts and comments I've been reading have all been supportive and nice to each other. It's a shame when someone tries to spread their own ill-will towards others.

re Time Zones - It does make some of the posting weird, doesn't it?

M. Hockaday said...

Hey! Great question- and I will be checking back to continue to participate in this. Anyway, the thing that I find to be slightly annoying with blogging is gaining followers! It is soooooo hard :) I have to admit I am so busy with my career as a teacher that I don't post everyday, but I am trying to get better- and no one is reading my posts! What should I do???

slommler said...

I love blogging too and I am not into the competition! I just run my blog and visit those I love! Very cool! Awards are fun but I don't blog to get them. I blog about what I am doing; what I love. That is it!

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