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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cutest Korean Boys Ever! (Non-Book Post)

As some of you know I'm a HUGE fan of Korean pop music. It's so catchy and the beats are sick. There also very sexy and have awesome style. I'm in love with my favorite group Big Bang and this is there newest song "Lollipop 2." I know some of you are like Korean music? WTF? But if you're a fan of dance, pop check it out! I don't understand it so the English subs help! :)

My two favorites, Tae Yang & G-Dragon (they both have mohawks) total hotties, yum! I will go to Korea one day to find them hehe :)


ninefly said...

LAWL, you seem like you would love Johnnys Entertainment (company of Japanese boybands), their fashions are even more outrageous (feathers, shiney crap, WTF!HAIR)
I'm kinda scared of Korean boybands...Super Junior has like 32423423 members Oo; (JE bands usually only have 4-6, though there are exceptions...)

ilonga said...

the song is awesome,
but those clothes are made of lulz XD

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Without your wonderful blog I would never know about these things. Thanks! and let me know when your headed for Korea, I can be your stalking partner!

Thuy said...

I'm in love with SeungHo from the group MBLAQ. He's always licking his lips ;)

Anna ♥ said...

Aww, they're cute! I love the catchy beat of the song and their super colorful clothing. Thanks for the heads up, it definitely brightened my day. :D

Jenny N. said...

LOL I'm a KPop fan too. I love it even though I have no idea what they are singing about.

Dazzling Mage said...

Big Bang are simply awesome. I'm a little bias toward TOP though. Tall, dark, handsome, intense eyes. But TaeYang is so sexy. >_<

Anyway, did you watch 2NE1's new MV? Love those girls and their charisma.

Nice non-book related post. ;-)

chelleyreads said...

i'm a huge, huge fan of korean dramas (my fave are princess hour, my girl, and boys before flowers) and i always love the music they have on each of them. my ipod is filled with korean music awesomeness. great post!

slommler said...

This group is totally outrageous! Love their clothes!!! And the great!
Thanks for sharing the video

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