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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Author Interview: Brian Katcher

Brian Katcher, author of Almost Perfect was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1975. He attended the University of Missouri, Columbia, before dropping out of society and bumming around Mexico for three years. He’s worked as a fry cook, a market researcher, a welding machine operator, a telemarketer (only lasted one day), and a furniture mover. He lived on an Israeli military base one summer, and once smuggled food into Cuba. When he’s not writing, he works as a school librarian. He lives in central Missouri with his wife and daughter. He still hasn’t paid the parking ticket he got in West Virginia in 1997.

For more info on Brian, visit his site:

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pages: 368

Summary: Logan Whitherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. Since then–much to his friends’ dismay–he has been despressed, pessimistic, and obessed with this ex, Brenda. But things start to look up for Logan when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Tall, unconventionally pretty, and a bit awkward, Sage Hendricks somehow appeals to Logan even at a time when he trusts no one. As Logan learns more about Sage, he realizes that she needs a friend as much as he does, if not more. She has been homeschooled for several years, and her parents have forbidden her to date, but she won’t tell Logan why. The mystery of Sage’s past and the oddities of her personality intrigue Logan, and one day, he acts on his growing attraction and kisses her. Moments later, however, he wishes he hadn’t. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she’s actually a boy.

Other books written by Brian:
Playing with Matches

Author Interview:

1) Brian, when was the first moment you knew you wanted to become a writer? In 2001, I was living in Mexico, dead broke, and my girlfriend decided to move to Europe. I figured I could either start a book or develop a hard core drinking problem. Thankfully, I realized there was no reason I couldn't do both.

2) What inspired you to write Almost Perfect? That's a good question, and I don't have a good answer. I've never had much of an interest in transgender subjects. 'Almost Perfect' started out as a short story. However, the people in my writers' group all told me the subject was too complex for fifty pages, and it eventually grew into a novel.

3) Are the characters in the book based on someone you know? Unlike 'Playing With Matches,' where almost all the charcters are based on p
eople I know, the characters in 'Almost Perfect' were completely fictional. The exception is Laura, Logan's sister. My real-life sister got on my case about not basing a character on her in my first book, so I put her in the second. Happy, Katie?

4) What was the hardest part of writing Almost Perfect? Portraying a transgender person realistically. Also, making the book a hopeful story, without glossing over the problems a person like Sage would have to face.

5) Just like Logan, have you ever had an incident where you found out someone was keeping a big secret from you? No, people have been pretty straightforward with me. Of course, maybe someone is keeping a big secret from me and I don't know it. Maybe everyone is. Great. Now I'm paranoid.

6)Which did you enjoy writing more, Playing With Matches or Almost Perfect? It's close, but I'd have to say 'Matches.' It was just something I did for fun, I never expected it to actually be published.

7) Are there any new authors that have sparked your interest? John Green is an author to watch. He writes like I do, only a lot better. I also really enjoyed 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins.
8) What book are you currently reading? 'My Lobotomy', by Howard Dully. It's the true account of a preteen whose parents couldn't effectively discipline him, so they did the only logical thing: had part of his brain removed by a quack doctor.

9) Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Anyone who reads either of my books will receive an automatic A in their language arts class. Seriously. I've contacted your teachers and they're totally on board with this.

10) Tell us something about yourself that no one knows about. - In 1991, I called my boss at McDonald's and said I was too sick to come in to work. In reality, I went to see 'Wayne's World' with my friends. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. And visit my website:

** Thank you Brian for this amazing interview! **


Book Monster said...

Lol this was a funny and interesting review. Interesting topic for a book.

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

What an awesome interview! Love the humor and this book looks really interesting =) One more to add to my list!

Cleverly Inked said...

LMAO I loved Waynes World.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this was really funny. I loved his book Almost Perfect. I have to get my hands on his other one.

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