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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Review: James Cameron's Avatar

I usually don't review movies, but I'm making an exception for Avatar. I saw it on Saturday and I was blown away! It was one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. The world that James created was breathtaking...I literally wish our world looked like that. I also fell in love with the characters, especially with Jake and Neytiri (picture above.) This movie moved me emotionally and I couldn't help being connected to these characters and their lives. Me and my boyfriend definitely list this movie as our favorite of 2009. If you haven't seen it yet, what the heck are you waiting for!? :)

Below is the trailer...


Diana Dang said...

I actually went to the theaters to watch it 3D but it was completely sold out! The entire day! So I ended up watching Sherlock Holmes, which is a pretty awesome movie I say.

Lea said...

Avatar was so awesome, the visuals were spectacular! I still can't get over how beautiful it all was,

Jessica W. (Book Bound) said...

~sighs~ I want to be a Na'vi...~pouts~ They are so damn PRETTY!

This movie catapulted itself into #1 forever. Avatar is the destroyer of all other movies for me. I refuse to watch anything else for the rest of my life.

~chuckles~ Okay, obviously a fib, but I'm trying to make a point.

I agree with you Eleni...I wish we lived on Pandora. And as weird as it may sound...being that I am talking about blue people...the Na'vi are sizzling hot. Jake + avatar = S E X Y.

: D

celi.a said...

Hahah! I loved reading about your enthusiasm for this film. I thought it was very entertaining, and I *did* enjoy the visual effects, like whoa. And I definitely need to see it in 3D. That said, it's not my favorite sci-fi of the year - that prize goes to Star Trek. *smile*

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Avatar was just a whole new level of CG awesomeness. Such a visual fest of prettiness. I loved the relationship between Jake and Neytiri! That scene below the first picture, absolute perfect moment! So romantic! Such a great movie to end 2009 with. :D

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Avatar is amazing. I completely agree with you. Such beautiful colors and visuals... Blue is back !

slommler said...

We are going to see Avatar on Thursday and I will make sure to see it in 3D. Thanks for the review.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I know, it's so funny! All the book bloggers are talking about this movie. I've posted about it twice myself.
It was just incredible. I'm going back to see it again tomorrow. It's been years since I wanted to see a movie twice in the theatre!

Kate said...

Completely agree with you. Loved, loved this movie. It was amazing in 3D.

ParaJunkee said...

I'm going on Saturday, can't wait. I've heard everyone is blown away by this movie! Eeek!

Jathedar108 said...

I am sixty so getting into "Avtar" at a reduced price was well worth it. I am going to comment on something about this movie that I've not seen so far. I may not have gone to every blog but the word "Avtar" is Sanskrit and means "descending from heaven" or "Savior". The original Avtars are Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Jesus, and others. Many Hindu Avtars are colored blue as the Na'Vis are. This represents the dark color of their skin. The long hair is also apparent with all 'Avtars'. In Hindu mythology an Avtar is a great enlightened soul who choses to engage in one last human incarnation to uplift and save humanity. Unlike saints, they chose to come back and guide and save the souls who are most evolved back to the being fully awakened.
Although, this movie has remnants of "Dances with Wolves" and the Matrix Triligy, I thought Cameron did a marvelous job bringing in diverse cultures and the corporate greed and hostility towards indigenous peoples. We had American Indian, India, Brazilian rainforest natives, Africa. All the colonial areas of the world who have been ruled by East India Company, Haliburton, enforced by the cavalry, Blackwater, etc.
Now here is where it gets more inline with the original meaning of Avtar.
Once an great soul takes rebirth (last incarnation), he may take a while to evolve in human form to realize his or her power and remember who they truly are. Once awakened they are able to do things not like the creatures they came to save. One important Siddhi (spiritual power) is command God and Nature.
The scene when the marine in Na'Vi form communicates with the tree (meditation grove) and tells it through his hair (antenna) to save the Na'Vi and the creation. His word is power. It happens. He commands the great dragon which shows his power. He then fully transforms his human body into the Avtar!

If this story was told about Lord Krishna to western minds, we'd get a director like Robert Redford and an actor like Will Smith to play the Avtar. It would be called Baggar Vance and the subject would be golf and WWI not the civil war of the ancient Bhagavad Gita in the Mahabharat. Bhagavad means God. Baggar Vance is a master caddy whereas Lord Krshna is a Charioteer. Both teach a man named Arjuna or R Juna. One is a warrior who doesn't want to fight and the other a golfer who gives up golfing after going to war and suffering the innocents of youth.

Avtar is a great story. Maybe someone else will get this.

Great Job James Cameron. I have to assume that he knows this above information but subtly infused this info among the beautiful technical film. Cherdi Kala! (May your Spirit Rise!

Cleverly Inked said...

Very cool. I have heard nothing but good things about this

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Yep, we loved it too! Great movie to make an exception for.

Lorielle said...

Loved it. And Sherlock Holmes was pretty awesome too. :)

Sarah said...

I just saw this movie yesterday and I loved it. I completely agree with you. the characters were amazing. The world James Cameron created is so beautiful.

Vernon said...

The movie is truly a remarkably outstanding experience.
I could not speak a word for about two hours after watching it. It needed to soak in, i guess. It showed the things in life we take for granted and how important our surroundings are and how beautiful they can be.
Boils down to letting go of selfishness and greed. We need to think about the community of all living things not just humans. They have just as much right to live. "Don't care about spots on my apples, leave me the birds and trees"
Thank you James

joby said...

sdhc card

I actually didn’t get any knots. Dont know why I got 4 for 2012 lol. it was indeed very moving and for me promoted so much awareness as well as a satire on Bush (or any Columbus historic event). movie was soooo good. i wish it was longer. in the beginning i was like eww nature! but at the end i wanted to be an Na’iv too.

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