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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book Review: Faces in Time by Lewis Aleman

Faces in Time by Lewis Aleman
Genre: Fiction
Release Date: Available Now
Publisher: Megalodon Entertainment LLC.
Pages: 328
Received From: Author (Thanks Lewis!)

Summary: A 20-Year Race Through Time... In the near future, one man holds the key to our past. Chester Fuze lived a solitary life until he flung himself twenty years back in time. For years, he had loved movie star Rhonda Romero through television screens, movie theaters, and magazine covers. It wasn't until she had fallen so far as to sell her face for a cosmetic transplant that he knew he had to travel back and save her before her life headed down such a tragic and destructive path. Lunging backward through two decades in a flash, Chester races across country and enters the world of seedy gambling and the bizarre jungle of behind-the-scenes Hollywood, while being hunted down by a deranged bookie, an escaped convict, and even his past self, all of whom are determined to kill him. He had put aside the secret to time travel, daring not risk the world to test his theory. It had placed him in a straight jacket for several years of his life. It had estranged his own mother from him. He had let it go for his own sanity. Now, he'll pick it back up to save Rhonda. God help us all.

My Review: Faces in Time was an adventurous, fast paced, time traveling novel. At first I was a little confused with where the plot was going but then after a couple of chapters I was hooked. I enjoyed going through this journey with Chester. He was truly one of my favorite characters. I mean what guy would find a way to go back twenty years just to save a celebrity? Well, evidently Chester would. He was in love with Rhonda and didn't want to see her make a mistake. I also loved the twists and turns because I wasn't expecting them, so it was a nice shock. Lewis writes beautifully, his work is filled with great detailed descriptions and thought out characters who you easily fall in love with. I recommend this book if you're looking for a great adventure. It was very creative and I haven't seen anything out like it.

My Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Book Trailer:

P.S. - That's actually Lewis playing the guitar, how amazing is that!?
Author's Info:
Lewis Aleman grew up and still resides just outside of New Orleans. In 1999, he received a degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University. While there, he published short stories and poems in various publications. At 19, he was offered a publishing contract for his first novel, Alone. After graduating, he taught high school English for five years, where he established and moderated a Writer's Club for four years. While teaching, he wrote and recorded two songs, "Not the One" and "Still Standing", that received steady airplay on 106.7 The End in New Orleans. Currently, Lewis is working steadfastly on promoting Cold Streak while writing its prequel entitled Rage. Besides writing, Lewis Aleman also enjoys playing guitar, restoring/hot rodding cars, working out, reading, website design, and recording music.


slommler said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I might just have to pick up this book and give it a go!!

Jelani said...

thnx for the review

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review!

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