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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Finds!

Credit goes to MizB from Should Be Reading.

Sphinx's Princess by Esther Friesner
Genre: Young Adult Ficti
Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages: 384
Available Now

Summary: Nefertiti was far more than just a pretty face. Nefertiti may be the dutiful daughter of a commoner, but her inquisitive mind often gets her into situations that are far from ordinary, like receiving secret lessons from a scribe. And she’s the kind of girl who acts first, and apologizes later whenever she witnesses injustice or cruelty. But she is also extraordinarily beautiful. And news of her striking beauty and impulsive behavior attracts the attention of her aunt, the manipulative Queen Tiye, who sees Nefertiti as an ideal pawn in her desire for power. Even though Nefertiti is taken from her beloved family and forced into a life filled with courtly intrigue and danger, her spirit and mind will not rest. She continues to challenge herself and the boundaries of ancient Egyptian society. Esther Friesner offers readers another fresh new look at an iconic figure—blending historical fiction and mythology in a thrilling concoction.

House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Thomas Nelson
Pages: 304
Available Now

Summary: Dream house . . . or bad dream? When the Kings move from L.A. to a secluded small town, fifteen-year-old Xander is beyond disappointed. He and his friends loved to create amateur films . . . but the tiny town of Pinedale is the last place a movie buff and future filmmaker wants to land. But he, David, and Toria are captivated by the many rooms in the old Victorian fixer-upper they moved into--as well as the heavy woods surrounding the house. They soon discover there's something odd about the house. Sounds come from the wrong directions. Prints of giant, bare feet appear in the dust. And when David tries to hide in the linen closet, he winds up in locker 119 at his new school. Then the really weird stuff kicks in: they find a hidden hallway with portals leading off to far-off places--in long-ago times. Xander is starting to wonder if this kind of travel is a teen's dream come true . . . or his worst nightmare.

Last Breath (Book 2) by Brandilyn & Amberly Collins
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 240
Available Now

Summary: The suspenseful and emotion-filled second book in the Rayne series begins where the first book ended…with a dying man whispering four stunning words into Shaley O’Connor’s ear. Should she believe him? After two murders on the Rayne concert tour, Shaley is reeling. But she has no time to rest. If the dying man’s claim is right, the danger is far from over. Shaley’s quest for the truth leads to the mysterious and wrenching past of her mother and father. Could what happened to them so many years ago threaten Shaley’s life now?

Runaround by Helen Hemphill
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Front Street
Pages: 117
Available Now

Summary: Everything eleven-year-old Sassy knows about love comes from romance magazines. But now that she has her eye on her handsome neighbor, Boon, she wants more details. Only nobody will talk to her, not her widowed father or her never-married housekeeper, or, worst of all, her gorgeous sister, Lula, who has more boyfriends than she can shake a stick at. When Lula sets up Sassy for an embarrassing moment, Sassy vows revenge; she will make Boon her boyfriend and show Lula a thing or two in the process.


Kate said...

Superb finds! House of Dark Shadows looks really good.

brizmus said...

The cover of last breath is beautifuL!

katie said...

Ooh most of those sound awesome. I actually got Sphinx's Princess for review so I will have to read that soon. =]

Jenn said...

Very interesting books! I haven't heard of them before, but I'll definitely have to check them out sometime, thanks. :)

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

I haven't heard of any of them but they look awesome!

Kim said...

Fantastic books...adding to the TBR pile right now! :)

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