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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Review: Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: For Teen
Pages: 256
Available Now:

Summary: Romy and Michelle's Hight School Reunion meets Night of the Living Dead in this laugh-out-loud debut YA novel by Emmy Award-nominated TV writer E. Van Lowe
Principal Taft's 3 Simple Rules for Surviving a Zombie Uprising:
Rule #1: While in the halls, walk slowly and wear a vacant expression on your face. Zombies won't attack other zombies.
Rule #2: Never travel alone. Move in packs. Follow the crowd. Zombies detest blatant displays of individuality.
Rule #3: If a zombie should attack, do not run. Instead, throw raw steak at to him. Zombies love raw meat. This display of kindness will go a long way.On the night of her middle school graduation, Margot Jean Johnson wrote a high school manifesto detailing her goals for what she was sure would be a most excellent high school career. She and her best friend, Sybil, would be popular and, most important, have boyfriends. Three years later, they haven't accomplished a thing! Then Margot and Sybil arrive at school one day to find that most of the student body has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. When kooky Principal Taft asks the girls to coexist with the zombies until the end of the semester, they realize that this is the perfect opportunity to live out their high school dreams. All they have to do is stay alive....

My Review: Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is a super cute *arghhh* (sorry that was supposed to be a zombie growl, but it sounds more like a pirate hehe) zombie novel. E. Van Lowe's writing is funny which makes it a fun, fast paced read. I liked most of the characters, except with the exception of one. The main character Margot starts out being a self-centered brat that only cares about being popular, being invited to parties and getting a boyfriend. It seems like her whole life revolved around a manifesto list which she created that includes those wants and more. My favorite character would have to be Sybil, she is a sweet, caring girl that wants nothing more than her best friend Margot to be happy. If only Margot could see that right, or does she?...hmmm, don't want to give that away. To sum it up a day Margot and Sybil go to school and pretty much 90% of the student body are turned into zombies for the exception of a few classmates, the principal and gym teacher. At first I was a little confused because their was no explanation to why this occurred, but as I read it all the answers were eventually revealed. I also enjoyed how E. Van Lowe used different, unique names for his characters instead of the cliche names found in books today. Overall, a very cute read and I definitely recommend it if you're a zombie lover! that more zombie like? Oh well, I tried :) Let me just add, E. Van Lowe is also one of the nicest author's I've met, he is extremely sweet to his fans and is always there if you have questions.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Author's Info:
E. VAN LOWE was born in New York City and moved to Los Angeles to attend graduate school. He co-wrote the Academy Award-nominated short film Cadillac Dreams, and was a writer for many TV shows, including The Cosby Show, Knight Rider, and Even Stevens. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on Even Stevens. Never Slow Dance with a Zombie is his first novel for young adults.
For more info on E., visit his official website: Also, become a follower on his blog:


ReggieWrites said...

LOL! Nice review! It looks interesting! I might check it out! Koolio!

aka The Undercover Book Lover. yeh!

Kelsey said...

I'm really looking forward to reading this! Nice review(:

Sarbear said...

So many zombie books lately -- but I love em : )
Noted: I will NOT slow dance with a zombie.
No really, it sounds like a good book.

Zombie Girrrl said...

Nice review! I can't wait to read this! It sounds very cute.

Faye said...

U read fast :D I wish i could read fast. I love the cover it's soo.... zombie cuteness lol

I'm really looking forward 2 reading this one :D

Book Junkie said...

Hey girl, I gave you an award on my blog!! You deserve it!!

vvb32 reads said...

yay! glad to hear you liked this one. i did too.


Faye: Not really, just have a lot of train rides back & forth to work on a daily basis that's where I get most of my reading done :P

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