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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fill Ins!

Janet is the Host of Friday Fill-Ins.
Thank you to Sassy for showing me this meme, it's fun!

1. __Spaghetti___ and ___some sauce__ make a quick and easy dinner.

2. _Another Faust by Daniel & Dina Nayeri___ is the book I'm reading right now.

3. July brings back memories of ___rain, heat, my mommy's birthday and going to the beach.__

4. _Me getting sick from the air conditioner___ was obvious.

5. They say if you tell your dreams __everything will come true or it's a way of looking into your subconscious, which is weird because that's makes me paranoid of a lot of things that I dream about___.

6. __I need a few days, or a day depending on the matter ___ to think it over.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __getting over this flu crap that I have, which I missed work for a few days, and out on money, which I hate___, tomorrow my plans include __maybe see my boyfriend, if he's not acting like a jerkface___ and Sunday, I want to ___possibly go to the movies to see Harry Potter, but I probably need to wait till next week :/__!


Kate said...

I hope you feel better!


Thank you Kate, I hope so too! :)

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