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Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review: Lucifer and Lacious by Sean Vincent Lehosit

Lucifer and Lacious by Sean Vincent Lehosit
NOT A YA Book]
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
Available Now:

Summary: ''The underworld is a place where few men intend to arrive. When a man pictures death, he pictures blue clouds and golden gates...the underworld does not have blue clouds but fog of ash that rises from the misery of men. There are no golden gates, only rusty fences circling pools of human waste. You do not hear children's laughter but the screams of guilty souls. Yes, this is the underworld.'' This is the reality that faces our nameless protagonist, soon to be known as Slave, as he wakes to find himself face to face with grotesque demons and unimaginable abuse at their hands. Still, while he is unable to recall his name or how he came to be there, the numbers that Lucifer carves into his forehead seem to clue everyone else - demons and damned alike - that he is somehow special. Lucifer and Lacious weaves an imaginative journey through the pits of hell as Slave strives to elude the others' evil intentions for him while trying to regain his memory and achieve his true purpose.
My Review: Sean Vincent Lehosit's imagination is amazing, it's crazy how he gives hell such a detailed description. If hell is anything like Sean's imagination, I definitely would not want to end up, or should I say down there. This book is only 108 pages but it's full of strong words and contains graphic details. So, for my younger readers, I wouldn't recommend it, it's on a totally different level from Young Adult books. The story began by introducing a man, whose name is unknown so he goes by "Slave." He had no idea how he ended up in hell and I enjoyed going through the journey with him. His goal was to find out the truth behind the reason of him being in hell. When the truth was revealed, it all came together for me. It was one of those stories that made me smile in the end even though in the middle of it I would cringe at the pain "Slave" experienced. Different religious characters passed through "Slave's" journey, but Sean's twist on their agenda made me question stereotypes. Hell was filled with Lucifer [a.k.a. the devil], which was very interesting, demons, and even angels, hm who knew right? I really liked the story and was quickly engulfed in Sean's creative world of misery. I recommend it to those who like to think outside the box.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Author's Website:


Jon said...

I like to think outside the proverbial box. I'd like to read this if ever you decide to send me the book.

Your biggest fan.

Bingo said...

Well your review is wonderful except the cover and title alone scare me too much to read it....but you did get my attention!

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