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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogger Fame Interview: Savannah from Books With Bite!

Blogger Fame is a meme that features a blogger once a week. I currently have a lot of entries, once it clears up, I'll add the link to join again.

Today's celebrity is . . .

Savannah from Books With Bite!

Name: Savannah/Savy
Age: 26
Location: Brownsville, Tx

1) Savannah, what inspired you to start your blog, Books With Bite?

S: I always adored reading, and my hubby couldn't stand me talking to him about books. He finally said, "Why don't you blog about it?" I have never though you can do it. I did some research and came up with Books With Bite.

2) What's the meaning behind your blog title?

S: Well I wanted something unique but also something that pertained to reading. Most people think my title has to do with paranormal but not really. It really about what books did to me.They bit me. It bit me so hard, that I have to read more and more again and again!

3) What is the best and worst part about blogging?

S: The best part is meeting new bloggers and learning new things. I love book events, and getting together with bloggers. The worst is the haters in the blog world. People like that make it hard for all of us bloggers.

4) Which is your favorite genre to review?

S: Young Adult Literature

5) What are your top five favorite books of all time?

-The Morganville Vampires Series
-Soul Screamers Series
-Vampire Academy Series
-Where She Went/If I Stay
-The Iron Fey Series

6) Who is your favorite author? If you had the chance to meet them, what would you say?

S: My fave author of all time is Jeanine Frost. If I ever meet her, I will be speechless.

7) Do you have any quirks while you write your reviews?

S: I know this is weird but I talk to myself. LOL I pretend I am talking to someone about the book. I always ask myself if someone asked you is this book good, what would you say? That is what I put in my reviews.

8) If you could make a fictional story come alive, which would you pick and why?

S: Oh gosh, I would pick Vampire Academy. Cause who wouldn't want to see Rose in action?

9) Currently, which book cover are you lusting over?

S: Lola and The boy Next door! I want to read it already!!

10) Which top five blogs do you continually visit?

S: I visit:
-Daisy Chain Books Reviews (For UK books I want)

11) If you had to give advice to a newcomer, what would you tell them about blogging?

S: To stick to it. It's hard being brand new and just getting started. Don't expect to get everything at once. It takes hard work to get where you want to be

Random Questions:
  • Favorite TV Show? The Ghost Whisperer
  • Favorite guilty pleasure? Snacking from my secret stash of candy.
  • If you could save one book from a flood, which would you pick? The Bible.
  • Judge book by cover or summary? Summary.
  • Favorite movie? Underworld
  • What do you think about e-readers? I think their great! I have one myself
  • Describe yourselves in three words? Fun, loyal, friendly
  • Which character would you like to have babies with? Bones!!!!

"My work space is in my office at work. In my space time or during my lunch break, I work on blog stuff."

Thank you Savannah for this fun interview!
Make sure you go visit her blog:


Blueicegal ♥ said...

I love how you're a vampire academy fan, I love that series! Great answers ;)

Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

Hi Savy!

I'm loving the LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR cover too. And, your advice to new bloggers is great. It's something that I think people hear, but don't really understand when they first start out.

Unknown said...

Good to hear from you, Savannah! I'm a major JFrost fan, too. I'd be scared of gushing over her too much if I met her for real. :-)

Savannah said...

Thanks for having me Eleni!

@Lillie, yeah I know.

@Tiger. I'd be speechless! Majorly speechless.

Savannah said...

@Blueicegrl, I loved that series!

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