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Thursday, May 19, 2011

BEA: All you need to know + more! Part 2

Last week Emily and I shared with you some of our BEA tips and invited you to ask your own questions.

We have answers!

Jenn asked:

Q: About the bag. I've read you should either bring a bag or have a box down in the bottom floor. If it's about the same to bring the extra bag home or ship it, I'd prefer to ship. Any suggestions or knowledge as to what airlines charge for those hefty suitcases with books?

A: Neither of us flew or shipped our books last year. You should check with your specific airline about baggage prices. For shipping options, there is an on site FedEx Office location inside the Jacob Javits Center. You can check their website for rates.

Sara asked:

Q: How long do the lines get for author signings? Particularly the more popular but not ticketed authors? Should I be ready to camp out for some?

A: Each signing only lasts a set amount of time you will never wait that long. There is a fair amount of 'camping out' but you'll be surrounded by people, hopefully making new friends and you won't even notice how long you're waiting.

Erica asked:

Q: I really want to go to BEA. I live right next to New York. But the problem is I really have no relation with books other than reading them. Is it possible for a person who just loves reading books to get into BEA?

A: As far as we know, no. BEA is not open to the general public.

Amelia asked:

Q: Hey Eleni/Emily - just watched a vlog talking about grouping up and important is it to be in a group at BEA?

A: It's as important as you would like it to be. If you're a solitary person and want to be alone - that's fine.

If you like being with others, meeting up with and hanging out with fellow bloggers is something that could happen as well. I (Emily) went last year with a few phone numbers of fellow bloggers but with never actually having met anyone in person before. I quickly made new friends and spend a ton of time with them walking the exhibit hall and waiting in line for signings. I also spent a lot of time walking around by myself, introducing myself to publisher reps and enjoying the atmosphere.

Jamie asked:

Q: Do people bring their own books for authors to sign? Or is that a faux pas? I know that they're mainly there to promote their upcoming titles and will be signing ARCs, but is it rude to bring a personal copy for them to sign?

A: Not rude but not really ok either. I'm not sure if it's an official rule or anything but I would not bring my own books. Authors will be signing MANY books in a very short amount of time and won't really have the time (and might flat out refuse) to sign other copies.

Alexia asked:

Q: Should bloggers have an introduction post for new blog visitors since we'll be handing out so many business cards? Or not do anything special for BEA?

A: Up to you! I (Emily again), didn't have time to schedule posts during BEA last week so I had a, hey, I'm at BEA this week post up all week as well as a sticky note at the top of my blog saying "Hi" to anyone new. I'll probably do the same thing this year.

Still have questions?
Fill out OUR FORM and one of us will try to get back to you via email :)

And now for a little something extra!

May 23rd is not only the start of BEA it is also the first day of New York Book Week.
There are TONS of events happening in the city and if you have extra time, it's worth it to check some of them out. It would be virtually impossible to attend every single event so no worries! Make the best with the time you have an above all - enjoy the books and enjoy the company of your fellow book lovers!

To highlight a few events in particular.
Why in particular? Because you might see one or both of us there ;)

338 Main Street, Huntington, Long Island, NY
Sunday May 22 at 3pm
Meet seven authors from the Class of 2K11 as they talk about their road to publication

Mulberry Street Library, 10 Jersey Street , NYC
Monday May 23rd 4pm-7pm
A session of panels with a ton of authors - talking about writing and their books, usually followed by a Q&A. The website is lacking information but a list of authors attending can be found here and here.
Last year there was also a signing with a bookstore on site to make purchases.

18 West 18th Street, NYC
Wednesday May 25th 6pm-8pm
Another gathering of some 2K11 debut authors.

Jacob Javits Center
Thursday May 26th 3pm-5pm
A meet and greet for authors and bloggers - open to everyone free of charge (last year there was a fee).

For information on even more events, check out BookExpo America's New York Book Week page

Happy BEA week everyone! Hope to see you there!


Amelia said...

yay thanks for answering my question! :D
This is so helpful and I liked seeing what everyone else was interested in too. Can't wait to meet you all!

Alexia561 said...

Thanks for answering my question! These posts are really helpful, and I appreciate all the great tips! Can't believe BEA is almost here! :D

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