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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Review: Soul Stalker (Timeless, #2) by Laura Kreitzer

Soul Stalker (Timeless, #2) by Laura Kreitzer
Reading Level: Adult
Release Date: Available Now Online
Pages: 370
Source: Received from author for honest review

Summary: Being the Illuminator is not all happiness and light, especially when everyone thinks you are dead. When Gabriella decides to finally let her angels know that she is alive, Joseph and an unexpected friend help her. The Darkness Illuminator is not as in control of her power as she believes, which makes for a very comedic and endearing relationship that blooms between the three. A fender-bender debacle, a run-in with the cops, and a hiccup at the airport seem to all be worth it until Gabriella finds out her plan has backfired. The three angels are missing, more mysteries pile up, and a new evil is brewing - so terrifying, in fact, that even the Soul Stalker herself is cowering in fear. Our heroine begins a jarring, romance-filled, heart-breaking journey that will lead her back to Italy, and ultimately to the answers she is desperately searching for. What will she do when they aren't the answers she expected? What happens when she unveils a truth, so deeply hidden, that it causes an angelic war?

My Review: Let me start off by saying, I absolutely love this cover. The fantastical colors and creativity behind the artistic value is spot on. Now, last week, I presented my review for the first installment, Shadows of the Sun. My overall reaction has been surprisingly delightful, considering all the angel books I've read thus far. The sequel starts out with Gabriella continuing her illuminator plan while simultaneously dodging the soul stalker's deathly threats. In the first novel, I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew, a sexy angel who cared deeply for Gabriella. However, this time around, he wasn't in the picture much. I missed him and yearned for his electric personality. I really hope to see more of him in the next installment, after all he does make the plot spicier.

Moving on, Joseph, an FBI agent introduced in Shadows of the Sun steps from behind the background. He expectedly turns into Gabriella's perfect friend. He not only protects her but, is there for her emotionally as well. Plus, his pure heart grabbed me right away, it definitely helped me through my Andrew withdrawal. Truthfully, I enjoyed Soul Stalker more than the first book because the writing wasn't as wordy. It gave me a chance to thoroughly enjoy the story without being distracted by unnecessary scenes. In addition, Laura introduced new characters who gained my curiosity off the bat. I am excited to see where this series ends up. Luckily, I'll be showing you all a teaser of book three soon, so make sure you look out for that!

My Rating:
Author's Info:
Laura Kreitzer is a newly published fiction author who hails from western Kentucky. While her full-time 9-5 job includes working in a lab devoted to water dye-tracing investigations at Western Kentucky University, her passion lies in writing. Shadow of the Sun is the first book in the Timeless Series of books about a young woman, Gabriella, who is a doctor in charge of paranormal investigations at an influential government lab. A sudden delivery to her lab reveals the possibility that angels actually exist and she must use her skills in both science and discernment to decide if the previously thought of science fiction is a reality. The main character is similar to the author in many ways, the least of which is her incredible intelligence. Both Gabriella and Laura are both strong women who let very little stand in their way. Becoming a published author is a harrowing, and often disheartening, experience. Laura bravely decided to pursue the path of self-publishing. The editing experience was an exercise in patience as version after version were carefully picked apart for proper grammar, spelling, formatting, and appropriate storyline continuity. Although the storyline of Shadow of the Sun poured from her fingertips onto her computer screen, the process itself of bringing the book to life has been one of hard work and dedication and Laura has also decided to use this website not only to promote her book, but also for author support to encourage other writers to publish their work and become authors in the eyes of the rest of the world.

For more info on Laura, visit her sites:


ExtremeReader said...

I LOVED the first one and I am really looking forward to reading Soul Stalker! Great Review as usual!!

Mary @ BookSwarm said...

That is a totally cool cover. Caught a glimpse as I flipped through blogs this morning before the tardy bell rang and marked yours to come back to so I could read all about it. Def. going on the TBR pile! Thanks for the review.
The Book Swarm

Jill Buck said...

I haven't read either of these but both the first and second books sound interesting. Thanks for the review.

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