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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

Despite numerous complaints, why do authors continually create YA heroines who fall for the jerk hero?
(Credit goes to: Tori from Book Faery)

My Answer: Good question Tori! I can't speak for all females, but I admit I do have the tendency to fall for jerks. Yes, I might be engaged to a sweet guy but trust me he has his evil moments. In the past, all I did was fall for the mysterious, bad boy who later turned out to be a cheater, liar or possible con artist (don't ask.) So, I can understand why authors create heroines who fall for the wrong guy. It's a realistic scenario that probably happens everyday. I especially enjoy reading it in YA sometimes, if it's well written of course. It keeps the story amusing and I always hope the fatuous hero will be so smitten by the protagonist he'll change his ways. But, we all know they never change (no offense to any of the guys that follow my blog!) Overall, authors probably find inspiration from there ex boyfriends and that's why the hero's are douches. :)

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Leanna Elle said...

Great question! Hmmm...because everyone loves a bad boy, and nice guys finish last! Definitely as a teen I was drawn to bad boys and many of them screwed me over, but they were just much more fun. Nowadays, I like nice guys...with an edge. Much better!

I have a problem with females in YA who turn to goo the moment they hook up with their guy though. Don't start me on that!

Kristen said...

It's funny because when I met my husband, he acted all bad and I swore I had fallen for a bad boy when I found out that it was all a front and he probably is the sweetest guy on earth.

I think girls are attracted to those bad boys.. not to mention they seem to know how to get the girl more easily than the good guy does.. just makes sense I guess.

I have more of a problem with the guys that disappear, reappear and all the heroine does is pine after him. Ugh..

A Story Untold said...

Well, teenage girls always prefer bad boys-"he's a punk?I wuv him!"- kinda deal, to sweet and good guys who are seen only as friends and nothing more till they're 20, or older.That's high school's status quo pretty much.

However, I think there is an equal number of books out there,in which the boy the girl falls for is kinda and funny and caring.Of course, these guys are totally whipped so they instantly lose the smidgeon of cool they had to begin with.

Truth is, teenage girls are drown to bad boys and jerks like moth to a flame and it's only when they're a little older and want a more serious relationship that they look for nice guys.

Tori [Book Faery] said...

I don't think it's limited to just teenage girls. There are plenty of adults who fall for the bad boy too (*cough*me*cough*)

I'm more curious about why YA authors write about heroines who turn into a puddle of idiotic hormones (for a good portion--and sometimes even the entire--of the book) the second a hottie walks on stage. I think that's more of an issue than falling for the bad boy in a lot of YA books.

La Coccinelle said...

Great question this week! My answer is on my blog.

Misha said...

Ya heroines falling for the jerk hero annoys me to no end! Teen girls somehow are very attracted to the "moody mysterious bad boys". I find it disturbing how young girls find this a perfect romance.Authors still continue to create such stories because the truth is it sells like hotcakes!

Freya Oliver said...

That annoys me sometimes. How can the heroines not see that they falls for bad boys. They are blind with love.

But it made the story much more interesting. The problem the bad boys bring, the tension. Everything.

I love bad boys myself (in stories, not in my real life). I prefer a plain and happy life than too much trouble =)

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