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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day!

*You are welcome to use my meme - just credit me please*

Do you own an eReader? If not, will you be purchasing one in the future?
(Thanks to Brain Candy Book Reviews for the question idea!)

My Answer: Lovely question! Personally, I refuse to own an eReader. I'm not a huge fan of them. I rather stick to reading from the actual hard copy of a book. I can't imagine living without the feeling of a book in my hands. Also, I honestly think eReaders rob us from the pretty covers that are surfacing lately. It would be a shame not to be able to admire them in a bookstore. However, the only positive aspect of owning an eReader would be gaining space. Bookcases definitely take up a lot of room, for instance my bedroom is filled with books. I sometimes wish I had a Beauty and the Beast library to keep them all in. *sighs* One day, one day...

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Ronnica said...

I told myself that I'd consider getting an eReader once the library had ebooks...well, mine does (or at least a few), so I'm going to consider it. I think I'll ask one for Christmas. The main reason I want to consider one is that I have a weak wrist that sometimes hurts from holding a heavier book. I think having a lighter device would make reading big classics much more enjoyable.

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

I felt that way for a long time too, but when the bookshelves started taking over my house I had to stop and reconsider. I move around a lot too, and lugging around 100 pounds of books all the time gets old after a while lol. Aaaand, now I don't have to venture out in the snow when I want a new book in winter, or wait till I can get the bookstore 45 minutes away when I want a sequel. I don't think I'll ever be able to quit hardbacks entirely though.

Vicky B said...

No, and no. At least not for myself. I'm buying my mother one for Christmas. I don't want to support eReaders because I don't want to help expand the market in fear of it overtaking the print market.

Angela said...

I've gotten into this discussion many times. I used to feel the exact same way, and still do to some extent, but there are a great amount of advantages to an eReader.

I own a Kindle and absolutely love it. It's actually easier for me to read on than a physical book. It creates space and lets me try a greater number of books and authors because I'm picky about what I buy in hardcover or paperback. It makes travel easier. I can easily remember several vacations I've taken where I took between 7 and 15 books and then never wanted to read any of them. Now I carry over 300 books, including favorite re-reads, everywhere I go.

On the flip side, I still buy hard copy books. I love to own books, love to see them on my shelves, love to hold them and own them. I buy my favorites, and I still browse at the bookstore and buy stuff that strikes me.

Reena Jacobs said...

I purchased a Pandigital Novel eReader last month and returned it this month. The novelty of it was fun, but it irritated me that I wasn't saving any money yet had nothing tangible to put on my bookshelf. There were some other issues with it also.

I can't imagine purchasing an eBook for the same price as a print book. I limit my eBook purchases to novels not available in print.

I went on vacation just before I purchased my eReader. I took a box of books with me for the trip cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to read at the time. Was it inconvenient? Not exactly. It did take up a little space, but I also got to share my books with my mother whom we vacationed with. That's not something I would have gotten to do if I just had the eReader.

For me, until the price of eBooks lower, the advantage of saving space aren't enough. Next time I do try a eReader, it'll likely be a Kindle though. Maybe over the winter since the speculation of prices going down again.

Malbebe said...

In my opinion the only good thing about ereaders are that they are saving trees but thats it. I think they are disagrace to the book world. Book have and always should be in physical form. This is just the way I see things. I'm a traditional kind of girl when it comes to books. :)

Spellboundbybooks Mel said...

I wanted to get one so my other half told me I had to sell my books to get the money. Which was fair enough I thought.
I did that and got a BeBook Reader and you know what.. I didn't like it. Nothing beats an actual book. The one thing that really ticked me off even more was the fact that half the books I wanted to get weren't available for Australia. So now I've been stocking up my books again lol

Savannah said...

My answer, no. I agree with you. I love the feeling and the smell of a new book. Plus, I have a toddler. If he get his hands on my book no problem. If he gets his hands on a ereader that I have spent hundreds of dollars on, PROBLEM! Books are easier to throw in my purse and take. Plus what happens when your battery run out during a good part of the book? So not happening...

Anonymous said...

I got a Kindle 2 about 4 months ago. I was reluctant to get one at first but I'm glad I got it. I enjoy reading on it and it seems like I read faster using my Kindle versus reading a bound copy book. I don't even notice that I'm reading on an eReader.

I love that I can carry hundreds of books on my Kindle and not weigh down my purse. (I have been known to carry up to 3 books in my purse at one time - you know what that does to a girl's back?!!)

Another bonus is ARCs. A lot of authors are more inclined to give out eARCs rather than bound copies. I think we all pretty much know how costly ARCs are and how they are, at times, limited. I also enjoy the convenience of getting ARCs on NetGalley.

My only gripe is I wish I had waited on buying it. The price has dropped (a lot!) and the Kindle 3 is now out and looks better than ever! Not that I would have known the K3 was going to come out 4 months after getting my damn crystal ball is on the fritz again.

So if you've been thinking about getting an eReader but you're not sure about it, I'd say now is the time to get one because you can't beat these prices!

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