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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Perfect Chemistry + Rules of Attraction News!

Are you a fan of Perfect Chemistry? Do you love Audiobooks? is offering Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles for $7.49, that's a decent price right? Go here to buy the audiobook!

Also, Simone Elkeles is currently working on the Rules of Attraction book trailer. Alexander F. Rodriguez (from the Katy Perry's Hot and Cold video) has signed on to play Alex and Giancarlo Vidrio will be playing Carlos, how awesome is that!?

He's playing Carlos / He's playing Alex

I think they did a pretty good job casting these two. But the guy playing Alex I think is a little too pretty for the role. I always pictured Alex a little more rugged. I think Carlos is pretty sexy though ;P

What are your thoughts on the casting of Simone's book trailer??

Check out Alexander F. Rodriguez in the Katy Perry Hot n Cold video:


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for saying that guy's name! i had no idea who Rodriguez was til now. Hottie!

Chioma said...

I agree with you about the guy playing Alex, he looks like a pretty boy. But they are both great picks. And is it just me or does the guy playing carlos look like Joe Jonas???

Diana Dang said...

Oh that's pretty cool! I have bought Perfect Chemistry recently but I haven't read it yet. ><

-Book Lovers Delight said...

I loved Perfect Chemistry! And I can't wait for Rules of Attraction.
I completely agree, Alex was described as a "tough guy". Either way, can't take my eyes off either guys!

Sara said...

I can't wait for Rules of Attraction!! I think the casting are great! Both are hotties! ;)
The boy who plays Alex looks quite similar to the guy on the cover of PC :)

@#$! said...

I knew he was the one on Katy Perry's MV! 8D

The Handsome Dunce of Camden College Fame said...

I'm not in this book.

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