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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves Giveaway!


Hey everyone! I'm a total moron and I ended up ordering two copies of Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves so I decided to give my other one away. For those of you not familiar with the book, here is a summary:

Love can be a dangerous thing....Hanna simply wants to be loved. With a head plagued by hallucinations, a medicine cabinet full of pills, and a closet stuffed with frilly, violet dresses, Hanna's tired of being the outcast, the weird girl, the freak. So she runs away to Portero, Texas in search of a new home. But Portero is a stranger town than Hanna expects. As she tries to make a place for herself, she discovers dark secrets that would terrify any normal soul. Good thing for Hanna, she's far from normal. As this crazy girl meets an even crazier town, only two things are certain: Anything can happen and no one is safe.

This time around the contest will be easier, here are the rules:


+2 Just leave a random comment with your e-mail address (if you don't feel comfortable writing your e-mail, you can reach me at
+7 If you're an old follower
+5 If You're a new follower

-This contest is open to U.S. and Canada only (sorry!)
-Deadline will be Feb. 20, 2010 at midnight

Okay then, have fun!


Chioma said...

Wooot Woot this book sounds really really want this book!!!

+7 Old Follower!!!

Natalie said...

+2 Yay! We get to take care of your moron-ness! :)I can't wait to see what you think of the book! Thanks for hosting!

+7 Old Follower :)

Monster of Books said...

Lol Eleni you're not a total moron :(
+2 I would love to enter this contest :)
+7 Old Follower

Awesome contest, thanks for hosting :)

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

This sounds like a good one! Thanks for the giveaway!

+7 I'm an old follower.


loreleimarsh said...

Hot darn! Can't wait to read it.
+7 old follower

Melissa said...

This book sounds really good.

+ 2 commented

+7 old follower


Unknown said...

Hey Eleni! Another great contest, as usual :) +2

I'm an ORIGINAL follower! +7



Emma Michaels said...

+7 Old follower!

Love your blog!

CallMeKayla said...

+2 this book sounds awesome!!
+7 old follower

brizmus said...

+2 I can't believe you ACCIDENTALLY bought an extra copy. ;-P How does that happen?
+7 old follower

Athira said...

+2 Yaayyyyyy!! A giveaway! LOL! Here's my email:

athira.c AT gmail DOT com

+7 If you're an old follower


titania86 said...

+2 Giveaways are fun. :)

+7 old follower

Samantha LeAnne said...

This sounds like such a fantastic book! I am dying to read it!

+7 Old follower!

Books said...

This sounds like an awesome book! I'm crossing my fingers over here!

+7 for being an old follower :)

Stacey Brucale said...

Please enter me!

+2 comment
+7 old follower


Sylvia said...

I would love to have a chance to read Bleeding Violet! Thanks for this contest:)

+7 I follow:)

Simply Stacie said...

Please count me in.

+7 old follower

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I would love to enter!

+7 for being an old follower


StephTheBookworm said...

Ooh, I'd love to win!

+2 stephaniet117(at)yahoo(dot)com
+7 old follower

cait045 said...

This cover looks amazing

+7 Im a follower

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Great giveaway, I'd love to be entered!
My email is shiloki(at)gmail(dot)com and I'm a follower.

D Swizzle said...

I've been wanting this one!

I'm an old follower +7

Nicole Settle said...

+2 Thanks for the giveaway. I've been wanting to read this.

+7 old follower

MissA said...

+2This was so not a moron thing to do, you were sub consciously looking out for your readers, thank you :D

+7 old follower


Sunnysmileqt said...


+2 -

+5 - New Follower

Thanks so much! You have a great blog!

Jenna said...

+2 This book looks great. :)
+7 old follower

Sab H. said...

Great contest! This book is gorgeous!

+2 yabliss AT gmail DOT com
+7 If you're an old follower

jocelyn said...

+2 enter me! This looks like a great book!

+5 I'm a new follower.

Hot Off the Shelves said...

+1 Please enter me. Sounds like a good book.

+7 I am an old follower.


Abigail said...

I'm an old follower. allthingsurbanfantasy[at]gmail[dot]com

heatwave16 said...

sounds like a fun book!!!

+7 If you're an old follower


Nancye said...

+2 I would LOVE to win this books! Thanks for the chance!

+7 Old Follower

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Orchid said...

+2 OMZ! I love the cover of Bleeding Violet. :)
+7 old follower.
hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

YA Book Queen said...

+2 OMG! This is so sweet of you!
+7 old follower ;)

Thanks so much!

mindy said...

this sounds wonderful thanks minsthins at optonline dot net

ReaganStar said...

So excited, I cant wait to read this book. Thanks for the great contest

+7 Old Follower

Mardel said...

I've read an interview, an excerpt and a review on Bleeding Violet and Dia Reeves. I'd love to get this book.

I'm a follower (new)

wanda siss le a tya hoo d otc om
Thanks for the chance at the giveaway

Bani said...

This sounds like a book I'd enjoy a lot. :D Would be neat to win it.

+5 new follower

+2 this comment.

wakeupangel at gmail dot com

Jessy said...

Great contest! I can't wait to read this, I just love the cover.

+7-old follower

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

The Book Owl said...

+2 Bleeding Violet sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read it.

+7 old follower


donnas said...

I would love to be included.

+2 commment
+7 old follower

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Alicia said...

I would love to read this.

Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

bloggyig at gmail dot com

Jenny N. said...

+2 Thanks Eleni for the contest

+7 Old follower


Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I had to do this when I got two copies of The Dark Divine. Thanks for sharing.

+7 old follower

foltzsfantasticbooks at

justpeachy36 said...

I've seen some buzz on this title. It looks really interesting.

Count me in on the giveaway.

I'm an old follower.

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

I've been wanting to read this for eons!
Thanks Eleni!


+7 Old follower

Monica Corwin said...

This book looks good.

mojo09226 (AT)

+7 old follower

A Life Bound By Books said...

Oooh! I'm excited to read this book! Thanks again for another great contest.

+2 - alifeboundbybooks (at) hotmail (dot) com
+7 - old follower

thanks again!

I ♥ Book Gossip said...

Great Contest!

+2 cindyc725 at gmail dot com
+7 old follower

Cecelia said...

I'd love to be entered in this contest - I've been eyeing that book for forever! Thanks for the chance to win!

+2 celialarsen(at)gmail(dot)com
+7 old follower

Erin said...

+2 erin(.)dubrock(@)comcast(.)net
+7 If you're an old follower

9 total entries..

This looks like a great book. I can't wait to see what you think of it. Thanks for the chance to win.


Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

Count me in!

+2 nikkinizzle at gmail dot com
+7 If you're an old follower

Thanks for the opportunity, Eleni!

Emily Brown said...

Cool contest!!! I really really want this book!!!

+7 old follower

Kapri (Book Fanatics) said...

I really want to read this book!

+7 old follwer

Rain Maiden said...

I love the cover of this book. It's going on my wish list. Thank you for the recomendation and contest.

+7 I am an old follower

Mg (LWS) said...

+2 commented

+5 If You're a new follower

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Hehe, yay?! Thank you so much for the contest. :D

+2 comment, email: booksatmidnight(at)gmail(dot)com

+7 old follower! of course. :)

Sueann said...

Love the sounds of this book. Would love to read it!!!

+2 comment, email:

+7 a definite follower


Bere said...

Thank you for the contest!
The books sounds great & the cover really is awesome!
Can't wait to read it.

+2 comment, email: bere4estrella(at)hotmail(dot)com

+5 new follower

Thank you!

Martha Lawson said...

+2 Sounds really good.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Martha Lawson said...

+7 I am an old follower.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

cfisher1504 said...

+2 This sounds like a great read!!!

cfisher1504 said...

+7 Old follower
cfisher1504 at gmail dot com

D Q said...

I would love to be entered.

Nickolay said...

This looks like a great Winter day book. Thanks for the chance


Nickolay said...

+7 for old follower!!!!



J. Lee said...

+2 Great Contest. THe book seems really unique! (yjnlee(at)gmail(dot)com)
+7 If you're an old follower

LittleEagle said...

I would like to win this book please. sharonaquilino at hotmail dot com

Jennifer said...

This book sounds really interesting, thanks for the giveaway!


throuthehaze said...

+2 I would love to read this!

+7 old follower

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

ReggieWrites said...

Ohh! Great contest! I want a final copy!

+2 You da best! =)
+7 If you're an old follower.

Reggie =)

ReggieWrites said...

Ohh! Great contest! I want a final copy!

+2 You da best! =)
+7 If you're an old follower.

Reggie =)

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

How unfortunate! ;)

+2 bookreviewsbyjess (@)
+7 I'm an old follower

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

+2 I'll help you out Eleni, take that extra book off your hands =D

+7 Old follower


mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

tetewa said...

Sounds good, I'd like to be included!

bison61 said...

wonderful-please sign me up

tiramisu392 (at)

Erica said...

I would absolutely love to be entered!

+7 old follower

:) erica

Sara M said...

Count me in!

+5 new follower

Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

lovely1117 said...

+7 Old Follower =]


I've been waiting forever to read this book since I read the excerpt on the author's site!

Anne said...

I love simple to enter contests
+2 commented
+5 new follower

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

Hannah said...

Random comment: I really want to see Shutter Island even though I know it will scare the crap out of me.

Email: hmsolbach at yahoo dot com

:-) thanks!

Megan said...

Great contest! Count me in.

+2 - Random comment: I love watching the Ellen Degeneres show
+7 - Old Follower


Zombie Girrrl said...

+2 Great giveaway! This books sounds so good/weird! I sooo want to read it.
+7 Ollld follower!

Unknown said...

That stinks that you ordered 2 books. I've done that before. I really want to read this one.

+7 old follower

Katie said...

I would love to be entered!

+7 old follower

Aik said...

+2 Thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to enter!

+7 If you're an old follower

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

+2 Please enter me :D
+7 If you're an old follower

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This book looks really good.

+2 -

+5 - new follower

Jamie said...

I love finding new blogs to follow...Stacy

+2 samnstacyATmeDOTcom
+5 new follower

Jason said...

Hi, my name is Jason and my email is

+5- new reader. I added you to my google page. :)

Allison said...

I never got a good look the cover until this contest. You have korean music on your blog! I forever love you for that :)

+2 killercliffhanger at hotmail dot com
+5 new follower

Thuy said...

+2 Please enter me..thanks for hosting the giveaway!

+5 New follower

vision.nguyen AT gmail DOT com

Sara said...

I have an arc of this book, but can't afford a hc at the moment... and I REALLY WANT ONE! :D So I'm entering!

+7 old follower

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

Anonymous said...

+2 I would love to read this book, please count me in! It sounds amazing!

+7 Old follower

Anna ♥

E.J. Stevens said...

Wow! Great giveaway! :)


+7 old follower

grace4 said...

Thanks for the giveaway! This sounds like a great book!

+5 new follower

St. Louis Southern said...

+2 I have had this book on my "to read" list and I would LOVE to win it!

+5 new follower

littlebirdie said...

I would love to win this book!
Thanks for the opportunity.

+5 new follower

Gina said...

As usual, another great contest....and your posts are always fun! Thanks for sharing the book love and for having such an interesting site! =0)

+2 - comment/email (see above and below)
+7 - already a follower!


Kristen said...

Woooot! Contest! :)

+7 Follower!

+2 comment/email...

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

Kari Olson said...

Thanks for hosting this =)

flamingo1325 at gmail dot com

I'm also an old follower cuz your blog is really kind of awesome

Unknown said...

+2 Great contest!
+5 If You're a new follower

kittyism said...

+2 This book sounds amazing! Great contest. Btw, I've done the same thing. Once I even ended up buying a book twice that wasn't even for me. It was a gift for my niece.

+5 I'm a new follower.

rekitty96 at gmail dot com

skyla11377 said...

+2 Just Leave A Random Comment With Your E-Mail Address.

This Books Sounds Intriguing. I Would Love To Be Entered Into This Giveaway.

+5 If You're A New Follower.

I Am A New Follower.


Hailey Miller said...

My favorite book of 2009 is The Shifter (The Healing Wars, #1) by Janice Hardy!

This sounds like an absolutely awesome book! Please enter me!

+2 Random comment!

+7 Old follower!


Anonymous said...

great giveaway

+7 old follower


Bookish in a Box said...

I've been wanting to read this to see how Dia Reeves deals with Hanna's illness during the novel. Sounds good!

+2 comment w/email:
whatinabox at gmail dot com

+7 old follower


Unknown said...

I am so excited about this book, it sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway!

+2 commented
+7 I am a follower

Ashley R.

Kristen said...

I'm a new follower! :)

Lindsay Frost said...

I would LOVE to win this!
Thankyou!! :D:D:D
7+ old follower


Wicked Walker said...

I have really been dying to read this book! thanks for the contest!

+7 old follower
+2 comment/email



Kristi said...

+2 I have wanted to read this since I first saw it on someone's blog!

+5 - new follower

kherbrand at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

+ 2 e-mail sent to you

+5 new follower

Lee P said...

Very intriguing review! I'd love to read this book. Thank you for this giveaway and please count me in.

+2 for commenting

+7 old follower via Google Friends.

chinook92 at gmail dot com

Kelly said...

Count me in!
+5 new follower!
kghobbs (at) gmail (dot) com

Adelaide said...

+2 thanks for the awesome contest! (e-mail: )

+5 a new follower

Persephone said...

Cool contest! Would love to win!

+2 comment

+5 new follower!

patronus89013 at yahoo dot com

Steph Su said...

Um, YES! *wants wants wants* I loved this book. So weird, so amazing.

+5 new follower. Why in the world was I not following you until now?

stephxsu at gmail dot com

Diana Dang said...

+7 old follower

faked_sugartone at hotmail

Anonymous said...

+5 new follower.

oooh... this sounds good very intriguing and mysterious. definitley on my reading list.

Marianna said...

+2 thanks for the chance to win
+5 new follower
total = +7
mannasweeps (at)))) gmaildotcom

Ren @ All By Myshelf said...

Sounds interesting.

+2 eclecticdahlia [at] aol [dot] com
+7 old follower

L said...

This books looks amazing and I really want to read it!

+2 naggy8(at)gmail(dot)com
+7 old follower

Anne said...

+2 I'd love to win
+5 new follower

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

Tuning Into YA Books said...

+2 I really heard a lot of great things about this book! Can't wait to win it!
+7 Old follower


MannaB said...

Thanks for the contest!

New follower!

brandileigh2003 said...

+2 comment-- been wanting to read this!

+5 new follower

Lexie said...

+7 old follower!

I love the cover to this book...


Mandy said...

I could live off of orange juice Skittles and french fries.
+7 Old Follower

GretchTM said...

+7 If you're an old follower

Jason said...

Count me in for the contest. :)

I was following you through my google reader but have just realized I can also become a 'follower' and became one today so...not sure if that makes me an old follower or a new one. haha!


Christina T said...

Bleeding Violet looks really intriguing.

+5 New follower

FrankSandy said...

Please enter me.

New Follower.

Kelly Peres said...

+2 I heard good things about this book!!

+5 Follower

Please enter me to win

Sarah said...

+ 2 two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

+7 old follower


Bleuette said...

+2 Love the cover for the book!

+7 old follower

Hailey Miller said...

This sounds like an absolutely awesome book! Please enter me.

+2 Random comment: My favorite quote is… "Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day EVER."

+7 Old follower!

Email: Shadowofwonder47[at]yahoo[dot]com

gowiththeFLO said...

+2 I love Ian Somerhalder too. i always thought it was weird that no one was drooling over him. lol.

+5 new follower

BookMac said...

+2 This books sounds fab-u-lous! Love the new layot btw!

+7 old follower

Aubrey said...

This has been on my radar for a while! I am dying to read it!

new follower.

8 total. ;)

Stephanie Grant said...

+2 Wow this book sounds like a really good read! This is deff on my TBR list.
+5 I'm a new follower

Kathy Martin said...

+2 This is a book I really want to read. It was out of stock on my last book order.

kmartin802 AT gmail DOT com

+5 new follower

Julie! said...

+7 Old Follower
+2 I love the cover!!!

Total of 8 entries!

Michelle said...

Count me in for this one, I'm a fan of the cover.

mmillet at gmail dot com

I'm an old follower

ginnn7 said...

+2 sounds like a great book.

+5 new follower

Katrina said...

+2 I have been wanting this one, I love that you got 2.

khal5671 AT
+7 old follower

tinatre said...

Love the color of the book. I've been loving the color purple lately.

Cats on the Shelf said...

+2 Just leave a random comment with your e-mail address

Books, books, books, I love books!

+5 If You're a new follower


Rae Reads said...

+2 This sounds so great!

+5 New follower.

typicalmemory-x said...

Great giveaway!
thatgirlisme_x at yahoo dot com. +2
Old Follower +7

MarionG said...

I'm an old follower. +7
I'd love to win and read this book a friend of mine told me it was really good. +2

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

LOL! You aren't a moron!
+2 alexreadsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com
+7 Old follower

Kelsey said...

I am a new follower, and I would really love to win this book. I saw on your sidebar that Daemon from the vampire diaries is your dream boyfriend...mine too! I like him so much better than Stefan.


Suzette Saxton said...

Thanks for the contest! I'm an old follower.

Ammietia (a girl you once knew) said...

I love the premise of this book~ ^.^


+5 New Follower~

Anonymous said...

So happy I found this blog! Looking forward to reading your reviews.

Comment and new follower
+7 total


Unknown said...

Looks like a good read!

Unknown said...

I am an Old follower +7

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