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Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Question of the Day!

Question: I can't really think of a book question today, so as I was watching MTV, this came to mind, what's your favorite music video right now?

My Answer: Right now, I love LMFAO's video "La La La." It's a catchy song and the video is so colorful and pretty :) I also love that girl Chelsea (the first girl they show) she's from a group called Paradiso Girls. The other girl is from Real World: Cancun, I hated her though hehe. Watch it below, enjoy!

I want to hear your answers, so leave me a comment!
You're more than welcome to use my meme, just make sure you credit me :)


La Coccinelle said...

Ha, ha. You'll think I'm old when you see my pick.

It's here.

Orchid said...

I hope it doesn't have to be new. I also couldn't find a link for it, but my favorite video would have to be The Dance- Garth Brooks. It also happens to be my all time favorite song. :)

Zombie Girrrl said...

My fave video right now is I've Got Friends by Mancheter Orchstra. The song id really good, and the bear suit makes me laugh (even though it's mauling the girl's boyfriend!). Plus I love that the bands, like, barely featured in it, and the whole "Zoinks!" ending. :}

Orchid said...

Congratulations, you have been awarded the Me-To-You award. :)
You can pick it up here

Alyssa Kirk said...

Haven't watched any lately but last one I saw that was good was
She Wolf by Shakira.

Jake says his is Boom by Flight of the Concords. Says its very funny!

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