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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time For Another Book Giveaway!! Whoop! Whoop!


Time for another giveaway my hunnies....

Author, Susan Hubbard is giving away The Society of S, the first paperback book in her series, for those of you who are not familiar with the series, I'm sure you heard of The Year of Disappearances which came out recently and is the sequel to The Society of S...below is the description of the book and the contest rules...

Also, if you want to learn more about Susan, visit her sites here:

"One of the really good reads of the year...Any Stephenie Meyers fan would enjoy The Society of S." --Charlaine Harris

Summary: What if everything you knew about your family was a lie? What if, when the lies began to crack, beneath them lay a truth so dark and deep, yet so compelling, that it pulled you inside? Ariella Montero is seeking the true identities of her mother and father--and of herself. She's been taught literature, philosophy, science, and history, but she knows almost nothing about the real world and its complexities. Her world is one wherein ghosts and vampires commune with humans; Edgar Allan Poe and Jack Kerouac are role models; and every time a puzzle seems solved, its last piece changes the entire picture. When the last piece is murder, Ari goes on the road in search of her mother, who disappeared at the time of her birth. The hunt nearly costs Ari her life, and, in finding her mother, she loses her father. But gradually she uncovers the secrets that have kept the family apart, and she begins to come to terms with her own nature and its chances for survival. Set in upstate New York, England, and the American South, The Society of S explodes stereotypes--of the homeschooled, vampires, monkeys, FBI agents, and academics. In this strange new world, vegetarianism, environmentalism, biomedical research, and the ability to disappear are options for those who drink blood and face the prospect of eternal life. A taut, character-driven literary mystery, The Society of S is the future of vampirism, told in a voice that will haunt you-and make you think.


Susan, is an amazing author and she wants all of you to be involved in this giveaway, she will be the one to determine the winner. Her question is very important because it will help her with the plot of Book 3 in her series. Also, if the entry is really good, Susan will acknowledge you in her next book!

1) Answer this question in 1-2 paragraphs in the comment field and PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS-

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

2) This contest is open to everyone.
3) Deadline is August 10, 2009 -
The winner will be announced 1-2 days after the contest so Susan can have enough time to go through all the entries.

Have fun! And remember who wouldn't want to be acknowledged in a book!

P.S. - Susan also has The Society of S in German translation, so if you live in Germany or know how to speak German and would be interested in that one instead of the English version, please put *German Version* with your answer to the question!


Vera said...

Oh wow - loaded question. I think there is a huge difference between someone who's 15 and someone's who's 22, and there's definitely a relationship between age and maturity. (of course, there are always exceptions)

I feel that when I was 15, I thought I was invincible and that nothing bad would happen - or I just didn't think far enough to consider repercussions of my actions. That thinking usually results in a lot of dumb behavior At 22, the thought processes are just different - you know more, you consider causes and effects, and I think all around you just make better and more knowledge-based decisions.

Anonymous said...

I think that the main difference is that a 15 year old doesn't usually have a concept of responsibility, They are unaware of what it is like to be broke and not have any food in the fridge. They may have a job or have to baby-sit but they are basically taken care of. They don't have anyone depending on them.

Where as a 22 year old has at least started to take care of themselves. Most 22 year olds are living on their own or going to school and therefore need to provice for themselves. They need to have begun to grasp the concept of responsibility. Some are already parents or married and that takes a toll of growing up also. The journey from 15 to 22 to learn this is an amazing one theat everyone goes through!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's maturity. A 15 year old girl could be more mature than a 22 year old. It all depends on how they age inside. Although the other aspect that might make the two different is how independent they are. A lot of 15 year old girls follow fads that other girls their age set for them so really they are somewhat dependent on the other girls. Although a 22 year old might be more independent and set her own fads she might not care what the other people think of her clothes.

There is also the aspect of how you work under pressure. I know that girls my age [15] tend to get a little catty when they are put in groups. A lot of the time little things like school projects can make girls hate each other. Although a 22 year old will probably be able to work in more of a group and not fight. So really how they can control themselves. Although if you think about it a 22 year old could be just as bad at self control as a 15 year old. Some 22 year olds might act just like a 15 year old and some 15 year olds might act like 22 year olds. Really there are a ton of things that contribute to what makes them different but those things could also make them the same.

I guess as Vera said it's really a loaded question.

Laurel's YA Book Reviews

BevE said...

I agree with Vera. There are always exceptions but in general a 15 year old is still very much under their parent's wing. Between the ages of 16 and 21 they are allowed and expected to take on more personal responsibility and begin to apply what hopefully they learned 'growing up'.

By the time one reaches the age of 22 hopefully they start to see the bigger picture though it seems that it still takes many young adults another 3 to 5 years before they really stand on their own two feet.

Kate said...

How is a fifteen year old different from a twenty two year old?
Quite simply, they have lived longer. They have more experience of the world (outside of school). A fifteen year old has to go to school or receive an education. A twenty two year old may have a job, be studying at college/university/online or travelling the world. A fifteen year old is told what to do, can't buy alcohol, cigarettes or have sex. Twenty year olds are free to make their own decisions.

Is there a relationship between age and maturity?
I'm sure if we were able to measure maturity, the general trend would be that the older you are, the more mature you are. However, there are always exceptions. Some fifteen year olds have to grow up fast and are therefore more mature than a twenty two year old who goes out drinking most nights. Most fifteen year olds are supprted, they don't need to work. However, a lot of teenagers do have jobs. I'm sixteen and working about 8 hours a day over the summer. It's not teenagers fault they cab't work much. They are responsible but if they are forced to go to school early, come home, complete homework, sleep and repeat the cycle, they only have the weekend to work or night time. I think fifteen year olds (or teenagers in general) maturity and sense of the world is often dismissed. I have recently started work and find it alot easier than school. After all, I'm not paid to go to school. I don't get homework from work. But I'm straying from the point. I believe that although the general trend is the older you are, the more mature you are. But this should not be used to create a stereotype of fifteen year olds. I'm a teenager and there is a very common stereotype of teenagers. I'm 16 and a lot of people assume teenagers are a bunch of louts and alcoholics. It is frustrating when you get on a bus and you see instant dislike on some people's faces. On the other hand, it's an amazing feeling when an old person or someone makes the effort to talk to you. I love the astounded look on people's faces when you offer them a seat! Sorry, I'm babbling. Hopefully I answered your questions in there somewhere.

Irene said...

Age is a number, however there are huge differences. Legally they are still under their parents care. They cannot vote or drink where as a 22 year old can.

Loaded question for sure. Twenty two was my favorite age. I was already married for three years with no kids and had the world by the balls. I'm now 44 and still married with three kids. My 15yo self didn't know jack squat about living compared to 22. Wisdom comes with age.

BTW 44's pretty damn good too :).

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I believe that social and emotional maturity occurs as people become able to finally see themselves in increasingly larger and wider social perspective. For example, the moment you are able to understand for the first time what another person is thinking or feeling, making a sort of leap forwards out of subjectivity (being trapped in your own perspective) and into a view of the world that is a little more objective. If you can understand what someone else is thinking and feeling, you can also imagine yourself looking through their eyes and self-understanding becomes that much more objective. This sort of expanded awareness represents an emergence from embeddedness in your own subjective perspective and the growth of ones ability to see things from multiple perspectives at once. With that being said I think a lot of it has to do with what has been experienced in life, meaning that a fifteen year old can experience more things in the life than a twenty-two year old, making them socially and emotionally more mature than the latter.


Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Great contest you have here Eleni! I already have a copy of The Society of S sitting here on my TBR pile, just wanted to come by and say hi :)


Allison said...

Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

To some extent, there is a relationship between age and maturity. Usually, the older you are, the more mature you are. But only on an individual basis. For example, I'm sure my 22-year-old self will be more mature than my 15-year-old self was. However, I also know that at 15 I was more mature than some 22-year-olds, and when I am 22 there will be more mature 15-year-olds. Maturity has more to do with experience than age. Some people go through more at a very young age than people do in there entire lives. This usually refers to negative experiences, but not always.

Because every person is unique and an individual, it is really hard to measure maturity--by age or any other means. One thing that's made me more mature was deciding what I wanted to do with my life. I know I have to work for what I want. However, there are also people out there who believe that they deserve whatever they want handed to them.

Now I'm going back to the first question: How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?

Without knowing any specifics about the individuals being compared, all I can offer are stereotypes. 15-year-olds are often considered irresponsible, careless, etc. A 22-year-olds has probably had more life experience, responsibility, perhaps living on their own or even starting a family. Still, you know there are the high school students out there who are in all Honors/AP classes and work incredibly hard, while some people in there 20's spend too much time partying and don't even bother trying to find a job.

I hope that answers your question!


Anonymous said...

Right here's the deal, as a 15 year old myself i know how imature and reckless we can be. most 15 year olds think the world revolves around them and they deserve everything and anything. but others focus on their education because - by the time they're 22 - they want to have a good job and make a living out of what they have.

Where as, few 22 year olds go out everynight; they think they have their own life, away from parents, and that because they're adults they can do what ever they want. but most 22 year olds take responsibility in what their life has given them. so in many ways unimaginable, 15 and 22 year olds are more alike than we give them credit for. - (dont laugh it's old lol)

Sage Ravenwood said...

What's the difference between 15 and 22. It all depends on how much pain and growing up each individual has to do. In my case 15
was horrifying. I had an abusive stepfather. Let's just say there wasn't much he didn't do to me. At 16 I was on my own, going to school and working just to make a living. By 22, I had already lived and done more than most people in their 30's and 40's.

Now take a normal 15 year old: This is from my daughter's perspective. Everything is a challenge. At 15 you're struggling to be independent, you don't want your parent's involoved. Yet, you're not an adult and have to deal with constantly being reminded of that. When you're 15 you're convinced you know it all. At 22 your realize you don't anything and that reality is rather frightening. I think you're more vulnerable at 22. You have far more responsibilities and on some level you wish you were that 15 year old all over again.

In the end it depends on what life experiences each person deals with, on how much maturity is present at any age.

Thanks for the opportunity. Indigo

wheresmyrain said...

I think it is relative to condition of life and personal experiences. Your family, friends, personal beliefs and interpretations of the world impact how old you are "intelectually"
There are some extremely fifteen year olds I know and some ridiculously immature early twenties kids that know nothing of life and have very little life experience. Over all I think there generally is a difference, not always.

The Lovely Reader said...

Okay, this is a tough one. It depends upon which sex is which age, honestly. If the girl is 15 and the guy is 22, the maturity difference between the pair of them isn’t so far off. Girls mature faster than guys do, which would make the gap there even if they were the same age. The question that stays, though, is about the attraction between the two ages. Girls may be easily attracted to a guy that it older, but will the guy be attracted to her, seeing as she’s underage, in this society seen as jailbait? Or will that lead to a more intense draw from him to her, wanting what he can’t have?

But, if the roles are reversed, a guy being the younger one, the girl older, things are highly different. The guy, because of age, it far less mature than the girl, but also because he’s a guy, the maturity levels are lower. This would make a rather large gap between the pair of them. Girls are rarely attracted to a guy who is so much younger, and may see him as a brother, whereas the boy may idolize her and see her as “getting lucky.”

If both are guys, then the maturity difference shouldn’t bother them, because guys hang out with other guys all the time. It wouldn’t be so weird to have a guy hanging out with someone so much younger, but then again, one is over age and one is under. Same thing if it were two girls. The older girl may take the younger one under her wing, show her the ropes to maturity, but again, the age difference may cause problems.

But back to the question. What really matters is how the person was raised. I can look at one guy in my grade compared to another, same with girls, and see a maturity gap. It depends upon the standards on which they grew up. Had they been spoiled as a child, they wouldn’t have matured faster than someone who had to work for a living. Everything comes down to parenting and what happened in those years to becoming the age they are now.

barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

throuthehaze said...

I think the relationship between age and maturity tends to be experience. When you are 22 you more than likely have experienced more in life than a 15 year which lends to the 22 year old's maturity. That is not always the case however. A 15 year old could just as easily be more mature. There are so many factors though, and age does not equal maturity (believe me, I've met people who have proven that).

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Shawna L. said...

Shawna Lewis

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?
That's a good ? my Dear...Humm.....
15 is still so young and there is so much you want to do and are look'in forward to. But at 22 most people are set in the groove and change is much harder. If I had to choose I would choose 15 because your Dreams are still so open to you. I think Mature is a word and being Mature is a feeling you get when you know you have arrived and SKY is the Limit!!!!

Unknown said...

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

Just keep in mind I am 18 so I don't personally know how it is for a 22 yr old.
A 15 year old is different from a 22 year old in so many ways. Many times 15 year olds are very immature and don't think about anyone but themselves or much about the future and consequences to the actions they take. 22 year olds tend to think ahead because they know what it was like when they were 15 and by that time they probably know what it's like to work hard and appreciate more things in life. Then again, there are tons of 22 year olds out there that act just like 15 year olds or younger. There are also 15 year olds that act like a 22 year old should act. They act mature. It really all depends on the environment that person is in. Some imes peer pressure gets to people and makes them act a certain way.
When I was 15 (yeah three years ago) I was not a crazy girl I was pretty mature for my age compared to a lot of folks my age.
There can be a difference between age and maturity. Again, sometimes it just depends. Other times people learn from their mistakes or from other people's which helps them grow and be mature. This could happen anytime in their lives. Not necessarily at age 15 or 22. The experiences one has combined with friends, family, the environment(I don't mean earth okay, I mean like the people surrounding you and how things are like there), and society really.

BTW I am assuming you are asking about girls. Boys are a bit different. :)


Unknown said...

I would love a copy of this book - as for your question... a 15 year old doesn't generally have the same life experiences of a 22 theres a 7 year difference. Most girls of 15 are girls and should enjoy that. 22 year olds are adults...

layersofthought at gmail dot com

I have posted about your give away on my blog.

Ninja Fanpire said...

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

There is definitely a maturity difference, especially in today's world. I mean, back, way back in the day, a girl could already be considered a woman at the age of 15, and be helping her mother with housework. And the same for boys. They could be out helping their father in the fields or learning the family trade.
But, that's not today. There are a lot of things 22 year olds can do that 15 year olds can't, such as drive a car (although sometimes 15 yo's can get permits) and get a job. There's a 7 year age difference. Usually by 15 years old, a person is in their second year of high school.
That's a far cry from being 22.
In high school, there's a lot of peer pressure. How a person handles it can affect their life late. For instance, if they are a pushover in school, doing what everybody wants, the same could reflect their work status, never being able to turn down someone who asks you to do something or to work an extra shift. Now, that might not always be the case, but high school does help prepare people for the real world.
Many people get their first job in high school. Some get their first cell phone. And many go through puberty.
By the time a person has reached the age of 22, they can buy alcohol and cigarettes, things that 15 year olds may have already tried, illegally. The difference now is that it's legal.
Some people are even married by 22. I don't think I've heard of any 15 year olds getting married. But a few years can make a lot of difference. Many people are married by the time they are 22, but not by the time they are fifteen.
22 year olds can also vote. Why is that? Because the government feels that by age 18, people are old enough to make most of their own decisions by themselves.
High school is a way to learn and explore the world, and make some mistakes, hopefully ones that can be learned from, without major consequences.
After 18 a person is considered an adult. There's a reason it's not a lower age. People at 15 can be easily pressured by peers, and their feelings are many times a roller coaster of emotion. Going through high school is a way to try and overcome those things, while preparing for the big real world. Between 15 and 22 is probably the major maturing time for many people. After that, they tend to know a bit about the world, and have found themselves and their own personality, aside from their friends and coworkers.
At 15, a person can feel so small and lost in such a big world. They can feel like one small person can't change the world. After a few years, that could change. It might, or it might not, just depends on the person. Some people realize that they can do something to help people and/or the world. They just aren't sure how, and at 15, it doesn't seem like there's a lot a jobless high schooler can do.
7 years is only a fraction of a person's life, however, it can have a big impact on the person and the world.

Sheila said...

I think at age 15 it is all about hormones and emotions. That is a very tough age, growing up but still being young and immature. At age 15 it is all about actions, and not necessarily thinking about the consequences.
At age 22 there is more thinking, more reasoning, and more thinking about the consequences of your actions. Age 22 means having to be responsible for your actions, being a "responsible" adult, no longer a teen who is given the excuse of just being "a kid"

ludeluh (at) yahoo (dot) com

Leslie said...

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

At fifteen, everything seems so simple. Life is filled with emotional distress. You just have to worry about high school, making sure your grades are good and that you'll get into a decent college. Although, I could be wrong. Some kids have to be adults and work to take care of their sibilings because their parents can't or they just want to get their resume fuller. Where as at 22, you're already supposed to have graduated from college, going into a career, learning how to take care of bills and thinking about starting a family. But, I could also be wrong about this too. The person could still be out partying, not have a job, dropped out of school. There are endless possibilities. They could be both similar and diffrent at the same time.

It's a yes and no on the question about Age and Maturity. I know when I was fifteen, I was very mature taking care of my 3 sibilings, making sure the house stayed clean and on top of that handling sports and a full load of Pre-AP and AP classes at school. Where as my older sister, who was 22 at the time, was out partying and not going to college, hopping from job to job. So maturity is in the hands of the person who chooses to be that way. It's about their personality and ambitions and learning how to grow up.

leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Elle G said...

In some ways a 15 year old can be more mature than a 22 year old because typically once your 22 your focused on being an official adult, and finishing collage but now that your 22 you can go out drinking and be care-free whereas with a 15 year old (most anyway) aren't as focused on things that their not legally allowed to do but there also naive in there actions it really depends on the person.

relationship with age and maturity? on some level yes, but it's subjective, no matter what age you are your maturity level depends on the amount of influence you get and from who its from.

Aik said...

A 15-year-old is energetic and full of excitement while a 22-year-old, now all grown up, is fully matured and they cannot play and hop around like a teenager anymore.

When you get older, it means that the time you get to know the world is longer, so you will be able to understand more and therefore become more matured. But well, there are exceptions for some people.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

The Obsessive Reader said...

The difference between a 15 year old and 22 year old is that they've had more time to experience life. You can do more things at 22. Your more independent.
Do I think a 15 year old can't be mature? No, some 15 year olds can be more mature than 22 year olds. I think it really depends on what experiences and choices you've made through out your life to say if your mature.

Emily said...

What a great question!

In my mind, there are a lot of differences between a 15 year old and a 22 year old - but one big one always pops up first.
When you are 15 your life is pretty much dictated to you - by your parents and by society. Even if your parents aren't strict, there are still rules you have to follow in order to live in today's world - you can't drive or drink or vote. You still have to go to school but you probably can't work. There are a lot of these things you would like to do, but you can't. As a 22 year old, you are considered an adult and everything you parents and society have been keeping you from doing until you were 'grown up' or an 'adult' you are now required to do. Pay you bills on time, do your taxes, support yourself, and make your own decisions. Nothing magical happens when you cross over into 'adulthood' -- at 18 or maybe 21 depending on the situation -- but family and society will expect more from you. You're no longer a child and cannot use your age as an excuse.

Do I think there is a relationship between age and maturity? Sure - but it's not as great as the relationship between maturity and life experiences. It doesn't matter how old someone is - if they haven't had many life experiences - their maturity level may never grow.


booksrmysoul said...

Blair w lewis

You know it's funny at 15 you think you know everything and when you reach 22 you realize you know nothing and the world is a bit scary.
But at 15 the world is your romping ground with no fear as to what could happen to you. No care in the world.
But thats what so great about being 15 youth rocks!!. When you reach 22 fear sets in and you think maybe my Mom knew what she was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Most would agree that there is quite a difference between your "typical" 15 and 22 year old. Of course, with that being said; there are always exceptions to the rules.
Life's struggles and challenges differ from one person to the next and ultimately change who we are and/or the choices we make.
I think the biggest difference is at 15 we are more vulnerable and innocent, making us more accepting to things that may seem unatainable. Also, if you make a bad decision at 15 you aren't usually held accountable. As we age, people have higher expectations of us, and hope that we have become a more confident and independant version of our 15 year old self. Hopefully, with time comes wisdom or a better understanding of what it is we want and who we really are. All in all it really depends on personal experiences and what we choose for ourselves, because in the end; only one person can be accountable for their actions- YOURSELF!!

Thanks, TRISH

chocowafer said...

Yes. There is a relationship between age and maturity. However, I don't mean that in the sense that a person matures once he/she gets older. Rather, I think one who is older (like 22 year old person, for example) would probably have encountered a lot more situations and difficulties that helped shaped his well-being than a 15 year old. A 22 year old would have had far greater opportunities to improve his/her character and establish his/her identity.

However, it also depends on how that 22 year old person chose to spend his time (all those 7 years ahead of the 15 year old). For me, ultimately, maturity is determined by the choices you made and how you live with them.


Penelope said...

Being so close to twenty-two myself, my initial reaction is that a twenty-two-year-old is much more mature than a fifteen-your-old. At that age, one has most likely experienced the hardships of life, like living away from home, paying rent, and having a full-time job. Most have been in a serious relationship or have had their heart broken. Others have been married, had children, and some have even been through a divorce. Even at twenty-two.

But the more I think about the differences in age, the less differences I see. Yes, we all gain more perspective with each year. Yes, by twenty-two, we may have learned how to be independent. But in using myself as an example, I find that inside I am still that insecure, annoying, saddened, fifteen-year-old that I once was. And in looking further, I find that I also have bits of my fearless, ambitious, and loving, self, too.

I guess in the end, age doesn't make such a big difference. We all grow and gain knowledge and experience, but it's our past selves who help us determine and set a course for our future.

And hopefully that all made sense. Sometimes I get lost in my own words. :)

OIKZ said...

The main factors that differentiate between the ages of 15 and 22 is obvioulsy the physiological development of the body and mind. An individual of 15 years of age is more likely-- in progression-- developing and experiencing adversity in the first stages of life, while the 22 year old is exploring and encompossing different routes in life.

People of these ages can build a strong relationship in essence of mutual understanding that which intertwines with ideological knowledge (religion, faith, moral values... etc.

Paradox said...

How is a 15-year-old different from a 22-year-old?
Is there a relationship between age and maturity?

Obviously, a 15-year-old is different from a 22-year-old, both mentally and physically. That's just the way we grow. Our natural intelligence can also affect how mature someone is. But nurture can have as much impact as nature on maturity. If a person is forced to take care of themselves and make tough decisions at a younger age, they would likely be as mature as someone years older who didn't have to deal with things like this until they went to college. And the other way around; if someone grew up without much independence, they might not be as mature when they are legally adults.

Of course, generally a 22-year-old is more mature than a 15-year-old because a 22-year-old is legally an adult and has likely had a job or had to take care of themselves at college or elsewhere. Most 15-year-olds don't have this sort of responsibility or access to "real life." So ultimately maturity depends on natural growth/DNA as well as experiences during childhood and adolescence, so the best model to use in a book would be the most common and cultural norm.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

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